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Unite’s shadowy links with New Labour

21 April 2009
Sections of the Unite union have become further embroiled in New Labour’s attempts to set up a website to smear the Tories.

Does smear scandal trail lead back to Unite union?

14 April 2009
Attempts to set up a website to smear Tory politicians led to one New Labour spin doctor resigning last week and a fresh crisis for Gordon Brown.

How New Labour pandering has given Tories and bosses a boost

24 March 2009
Gordon Brown wants working class people to pay for the government’s growing budget deficit by cutting pay, slashing jobs and axing services.

The ‘nasty’ Tory party shows its true colours

06 January 2009
David Cameron has torn up his pledge to back Gordon Brown’s spending plans that were drawn up in response to the recession. The Tory leader now says he wants tax cuts for traditional Tory voters, more privatisation and cuts in public spending.

Labour’s nasty attacks on benefit claimants

09 December 2008
Labour and Tory politicians have been falling over each other to prove that they are the toughest on those who claim welfare benefits.

Damian Green, the police and civil liberties

09 December 2008
How should socialists react to the immense furore over the police arrest of Tory frontbencher Damian Green and search of his parliamentary office and home?

Whistleblowers and the right to the truth

02 December 2008
A group of heavily armed anti-terrorist police raid a house and, for a change, it is met with criticism in the media. The reason is that the raid targeted a Tory MP, Damian Green, who was arrested for conspiring to get government leaks from a civil servant.


02 December 2008
Why didn’t Darling hit the ‘wealth creators’? A Tory MP was wheeled out on BBC News 24 last week to tell us that Alistair Darling’s plans to increase income tax on the super-rich by 5 percent would "only" raise £2 billion.

Pre-budget report: When balancing books no longer matters

25 November 2008
The Tories and the Murdoch press are crying out that Britain will face bankruptcy in a few years thanks to Gordon Brown and Alistair Darling’s supposed extravagance in this week’s pre-budget report. They claim our children’s future is threatened.

Tax the rich to fund jobs and services

18 November 2008
Gordon Brown and Tory leader David Cameron have been bickering about tax cuts in the run-up to Monday's pre-budget report. Brown says he plans a "temporary and affordable fiscal stimulus" to cushion the blows of recession.

We can resist jobs massacre

11 November 2008
Workers in Britain are threatened by a mass cull of jobs on a scale not seen since the grim days of Margaret Thatcher’s 1980s Tory government.

Labour rejects union rights

11 November 2008
Scores of Labour MPs who are funded by trade unions voted against legislation aimed at easing the Tory anti-union laws last week.

Rich won’t pick up the bill for tax cuts

11 November 2008
Both the Labour government and the Tories are holding out the carrot of tax cuts, and promising these will be targeted at those most in need.

David Miliband is playing a dangerous game

19 August 2008
British politicians love playing Winston Churchill. Tory leader David Cameron was at it last week when he flew to Georgia. According to the Guardian, Georgia’s president Mikheil Saakashvili invited him after he compared the situation there to "the appeasement of Hitler".

Growing industrial battle on London transport

12 August 2008
While Tory mayor Boris Johnson celebrated his 100th day in charge in London last weekend, transport workers who keep the capital running are gearing up to fight for better pay and conditions.

What’s behind the return of Tories?

05 August 2008
"So are we all Tories now?" asked the lead article in the Observer Review last Sunday.

Gordon Brown shows his true colours on trade union laws

08 July 2008
Gordon Brown announced last Sunday that he will not reform the Tory anti-trade union laws. "Successful governments are those whose eyes are fixed on the future not harking back to the past," he said.

Stop the demonisation of Britain’s young people

08 July 2008
The Tories and the tabloid press have waded into the debate on knife crime with demands for mandatory and longer prison sentences for those found carrying knives.

Local Government Association endorses council housing demands

08 July 2008
The Tory led Local Government Association, representing all councils across England and Wales plus a list of other key local authority and professional organisations, has endorsed the Defend Council Housing’s key demands in a new hard hitting report.

Tories’ true colours revealed

24 June 2008
Remember the caring, huggable Tory leader David Cameron? This week he returned to form by demanding the government gets "tough" with strikes.

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