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Birmingham Labour councillors and trade unionists back Right to Work march

17 September 2010
Right to Work—supported by local trade unionists, anti-cuts campaigners and the Birmingham Council Labour Group—held a press conference yesterday to demand the right to march past the Tory Party conference in the city on 3 October.

Telford protest is a model of how to fight Tory cuts

14 September 2010
Around 1,000 workers at the Ministry of Defence (MoD) in Telford, Shropshire, downed tools on Tuesday of last week to join a demonstration amid fears that the government is about to slash their jobs.

Union leaders at TUC back right to march past Tory party conference

14 September 2010
Leading trade unionists have signed a statement calling for marchers to be able to protest outside the Tory party conference on 3 October.

Activists ready to march on Tories’ conference

14 September 2010
Support for the right of anti-cuts protesters to march past the Tory Party conference on Sunday 3 October in Birmingham is growing by the day.

Union leaders open door to resistance

14 September 2010
When the head of the TUC, Brendan Barber, says that the Tory cuts could be like the poll tax he is right. The coalition is attacking everyone, and there is the chance to create a united resistance that can beat them back.

Poor hit hardest by Tory scum

14 September 2010
Jobless don’t choose poverty Tory toff George Osborne called unemployment a "­lifestyle choice" as he announced plans to slash another £4 billion from benefits last week.

Phone hacking: Murdoch's control is a true scandal

14 September 2010
The row over Tory spin doctor Andy Coulson should not be mistaken for one of those long running and complicated arguments that are of interest only to fellow media types.

Start the fight now

14 September 2010
A significant shift in the battle against the Tories took place this week.

We will not tolerate attacks on services

07 September 2010
The TUC trade union congress meets from this weekend in the context of an onslaught of cuts from the Tory government. The key question it faces is how to respond to government attacks.

Civil service workers protest

07 September 2010
The Tories this week began to push through legislation that would slash civil service workers’ redundancy payments.

Opting out of Tory education policies

07 September 2010
Tory education secretary Michael Gove’s flagship policies are a flop.

Don't let Tory cuts wreck lives

07 September 2010
Anger is growing at West Midlands police over their decision to prevent demonstrators marching past the Tory Party conference in Birmingham on Sunday 3 October.

Travellers resist Tory assault on their rights

07 September 2010
Protesters gathered outside the French embassy in London last Saturday to demonstrate against president Nicholas Sarkozy’s recent expulsion of Roma communities from the country.

Tony Blair: the real criminal who should be jailed

07 September 2010
"You’ve got to put in prison those who deserve to be there," said Tony Blair this week—criticising the Tories. Of course he doesn’t believe that those who ram through cuts and attack workers should be locked up.

Protesters launch statement to reinstate route for October 3 demo outside Tory conference

02 September 2010
A statement of protest against police changes to the route for the 3 October anti-cuts demonstration outside the Tory party conference has been launched by Birmingham Right to Work.

Asil Nadir: a new low for Tory sleaze

31 August 2010
Disgraced Tory party donor Asil Nadir is back in Britain. He was the party’s largest individual donor during the 1980s.

Take on the Tories on 3 October in Birmingham

31 August 2010
Ben Sprung, FBU

Tories attack travellers

31 August 2010
Planning rules that require local councils to make land provisions for traveller communities are to be revoked by the Tory government.

Tory legislation to cut civil service workers’ redundancy payments

31 August 2010
The Tories are trying to rush through legislation to cut civil service workers’ redundancy payments, clearing the way for mass job cuts.

Tories trash NHS Direct

31 August 2010
Campaigners reacted with fury last week at Tory plans to scrap NHS Direct.

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