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‘Voluntary’ cuts—why we defend every job

23 November 2010
The Tories and the bosses are on the offensive. They want to slash jobs, pensions and services.

Barnet sixth formers march on local Tory HQ

19 November 2010
Hundreds of school, college and sixth form students from across Barnet in north London marched to the local Tory Party HQ in Finchley last night chanting "No ifs, no buts, no education cuts!"

Margaret Thatcher: how we defeated the ‘iron lady’

16 November 2010
‘It’s like we’ve gone back to the 1980s. We had the cuts, and now we’ve got the riot." That was the response of one student protester interviewed outside the broken windows of Tory HQ last week.

Break a Clegg

16 November 2010
Activists are determined to hound Nick Clegg, David Cameron and the other Tory toffs wherever they pop up.

Pepsi to write government health policy

16 November 2010
Fast food companies and the drinks industry are helping Tory and Lib Dem ministers draft their health policy.

Student protest: Tories are the real vandals

16 November 2010
Arguments are still ­­raging over what happened as students’ seething rage at Tory plans to treble university fees and slash education budgets burst onto the streets of London last week.

Students inspire the anti-cuts movement

16 November 2010
The 50,000-strong student and lecturers’ demonstration last week, and the occupation of Tory party headquarters, were a brilliant boost to the fight against the government.

Cheap labour is the aim of Tory welfare attacks

16 November 2010
Those who are deemed fit to work and are currently on Jobseeker’s Allowance will be forced to accept any job going.

You should join the socialists

16 November 2010
The latest round of vicious Tory attacks on the poor and vulnerable shows more than ever the need for an alternative to the madness of the market.

Campaigners oppose Tory welfare plans

16 November 2010
Richard Hawkes of disability charity Scope:

Students ignite the battle against the cuts

10 November 2010
The anger against the assaults on workers, students and the poor crashed down on the Tories on Wednesday.

Raging against Tory cuts to education

09 November 2010
A national protest by students and lecturers in London this week shows the fury over Tory plans to bar the poor from education. The revolt has to grow and deepen.

Unison activists prepare cuts fight

09 November 2010
Left wing activists in the Unison union were set to meet this Saturday to discuss fighting the Tory cuts.

Stop EMA cuts

09 November 2010
Cassie is an FE student in south London. She relies on Education Maintenance Allowance (EMA) money to go to college, which the Tories want to cut:

Punish the rich not the jobless

09 November 2010
The Tories have launched a brutal attack on unemployed people to deflect criticism from the real scroungers—the rich.

Cameron's Britain

09 November 2010
£50,000 for Tory ‘stylist’ David Cameron has handed hundreds of thousands of pounds of our money to his Tory friends.

Disabled People Against Cuts launched

09 November 2010
Disabled activists and their allies have launched Disabled People Against Cuts (DPAC) to fight the Tories’ austerity plans. It was formed after the protest at the Tory conference in Birmingham—which was led by disabled people.

These strikes must win

02 November 2010
Three key battles are taking place in Britain. Their outcome will shape the movement against the bosses and the Tories. This week, firefighters and Tube workers in London struck to defend jobs and the quality of the services they provide.

The mood to fight grows among students

02 November 2010
Students from across Britain are mobilising for a big demonstration on Wednesday of next week against soaring fees, course cuts and Tory attempts to bar universities to the poor.

Are some strikes ‘irresponsible’?

02 November 2010
The Tories and the right wing media are incensed at firefighters’ plans to strike on Bonfire Night.

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