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Anger on streets meets Boris Johnson’s first day as prime minister

24 July 2019
Over 5,000 people, most of them under the age of 30, raged through central London on Wednesday to show their rejection of new Tory prime minister Boris Johnson.

Johnson takes helm of a stricken ship - sink it now

23 July 2019
Boris Johnson was elected Tory leader on Tuesday, and immediately faced multiple crises.

Don't mourn, organise against Boris Johnson

16 July 2019
 The main party of British capitalism is gripped by its most serious crisis in almost a century

Boris Johnson bids for bosses’ vote

16 July 2019
Boris Johnson is set to be the next prime minister and Tory leader.

Jeremy Hunt’s promises of peace with Iran mean nothing—resist the drive to war

16 July 2019
Foreign secretary Jeremy Hunt has said that the collapse of a nuclear deal with Iran would “represent an existential threat to mankind”.

Letters—Support for Jeremy Corbyn and Chris Williamson from Palestine

16 July 2019
As Palestinians we see Jeremy Corbyn as our defender because we need someone brave, a prime minister that can say no to the US and to Israel.

We must resist the rule of racist Tory toffs

09 July 2019
Tory leadership rivals Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt are competing to be the most racist, bigoted friend of the rich.

Britain fuels Iran tension as soldiers seize a tanker

09 July 2019
The British government’s solution to growing tensions between the West and Iran was the seizure of an oil tanker off Gibraltar by Royal Marines last week.

Tax cuts for the rich and EU promises from Tory leadership hopefuls

02 July 2019
Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt want us to know that they are really, really serious about leaving the European Union (EU).

The Troublemaker—Thousands of primary schools at risk as asbestos crisis looms

02 July 2019
Children and workers in over 5,000 state-run primary schools across England are at risk from asbestos.

Boris Johnson threatens migrants in a bid to win racist Tory votes

27 June 2019
Boris Johnson is ramping up attacks on migrants in an effort to cement support from the racist Tories who are choosing the next prime minister.

How the toxic toffs still rule over us

25 June 2019
A new report from The Sutton Trust this week showed that 39 percent of the Tory cabinet were privately educated. Just 7 percent of the population as a whole go through the same system.

Tory rats turn on each other in bid to be prime minister

25 June 2019
Boris Johnson is fighting to re-inject momentum into his bid to be the prime minister after revelations of a serious altercation between him and his partner last week.

Wheeler deals a racist blow in anti-Irish email outburst

25 June 2019

Windrush scandal is a result of government racism

25 June 2019
The 71st anniversary last Saturday of the arrival of the Empire Windrush saw the government desperately trying to escape the shadow of last year’s scandal.

Tory ‘price cap’ causes energy bills to soar

24 June 2019
 It was supposed to cut bills. Instead they have risen as energy firms cash in

Who’s behind the Tory leadership hopefuls?

20 June 2019
The least sophisticated electorate available—Tory MPs—has selected Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt to stand to be the next leader of the Tory party and prime minister.

As Tory hypocrites decry the damage they caused - get them all out

18 June 2019
The Tories have conveniently discovered their social conscience as the party leadership election hots up.

Boris Johnson—most vicious of Tory clowns

16 June 2019
The heir apparent of the Tory party has a carefully constructed image as the posho you love to hate. Simon Basketter explains why you should just hate

Patients put at risk by NHS waiting times

13 June 2019
While the Tories slug it out to decide who will be their next leader, new figures expose the destruction caused to the NHS by government policies.

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