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Protesters rattle the monarchy in Thailand

Protesters rattle the monarchy in Thailand The amazing demonstrations in Thailand against the military junta and the monarchy in the past few days show how far the movement has developed.

Student protests in Thailand demand democracy

Student protests in Thailand demand democracy Crowds of up to 50,000 pro-democracy protesters gathered around the Democracy Monument in the centre of the capital Bangkok last week.

Terror in Thailand comes from top

An horrific bomb attack on a Hindu shrine in Thailand killed 22 people and injured 123 on Monday of this week.

Demonstrators in Bangkok resist coup by the military in Thailand

Demonstrators in Bangkok resist coup by the military in Thailand General Prayuth Chan-ocha officially took power in Thailand on Thursday of last week – and mass protests simultaneously erupted.

Thailand: a coup in slow motion

Thailand: a coup in slow motion General Prayuth Chan-ocha has declared martial law in Thailand without consulting the caretaker government or any elected representatives.

Court coup removes Thai prime minister

Court coup removes Thai prime minister Thai prime minister Yingluck Shinawatra was overthrown last week on a legal technicality. Yingluck is the sister of former populist Thai prime minister Taksin Shinawatra.

Fresh protests in Thailand as election is ruled invalid

25 March 2014
New anti-government protests of royalist and middle class “yellow shirts” broke out in Thailand on Monday of this week.

After Thailand's election crisis continues amid violence

25 February 2014
If Democrat Party protesters, business leaders, military commanders, top civil servants, judges, NGOs, and senior academics have their way, Thai democracy will be finished. But the royalist “Yellow Shirt” conservatives in Thailand are a minority, albeit a powerful one.

Thailand government forced to call general elections in Thailand

10 December 2013
The government in Thailand has called a general election for 2 February following mass protests.

Reactionary protests attempt to force a coup in Thailand

03 December 2013
Giles Ji Ungpakorn looks at what’s behind the new wave of monarchist protests

Thailand - leaders balance between migrants and the military

05 June 2012
After years of house arrest, Burmese opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi’s first foreign visit was to neighbouring Thailand.

Neoliberalism is not the answer to Thailand's floods

03 November 2011
Flooding in Thailand has affected millions of people, and waters are predicted to remain high for at least a month. But the response to the disaster has been held back by the political crisis that has engulfed the country since the 2006 coup.

Thai election results challenge status quo

05 July 2011
The Thai general election results are a slap in the face for the military dictatorship. The majority of people have rejected the military, the Democrat Party and the royalist elites.

Thailand's brutal regime is Western ally in ‘war on terror’

25 May 2010
Britain and the US remained silent as 80 Red Shirt protesters were killed and hundreds injured in Thailand over the past three months. Troops violently cleared anti-government protesters out of central Bangkok last week.

Thailand: Is military using British arms in crackdown?

18 May 2010
The British government is supplying the military that has murdered protesters in Thailand.

Thai tyrants cling to power on top of the dead bodies of the people

17 May 2010
Unconfirmed reports indicate that Abhisit's soldiers have shot dead at least 50 people do far. Hundreds are injured. They say there are 500 "terrorists" in the protest site. Earlier they said that they would use snipers to shoot "terrorists".

Thailand's Red Shirt protesters stay on the streets

11 May 2010
Rural and urban poor, including farmers and industrial workers, make up the movement.

A crucial point for Thai democracy

04 May 2010
The struggle for democracy and social justice in Thailand came to a crucial turning point this week.

Thai government plans military crackdown

26 April 2010
Thai prime minister Abhisit Vejjajiva’s military backed government has rejected negotiations with the opposition Red Shirts.

From people’s power to workers’ power

20 April 2010
Revolution is back in the news.In Thailand heavily armed cops are shown retreating under a hail of missiles being thrown by demonstrators.

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