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Bloody Sunday

News round-up

Police in Northern Ireland have given a commitment not to arrest any more former soldiers over the Bloody Sunday killings.

No immunity for Bloody Sunday soldiers

Calls to drop prosecutions against British soldiers involved in Bloody Sunday in Northern Ireland have been met with anger by family campaigners.

Remembering Bloody Sunday after Saville

The pain and injustice of generations lifted when Lord Saville released his report into Bloody Sunday last week.

Army chief Michael Jackson’s false report on Bloody Sunday

Former head of the British Army, Sir Michael Jackson, was second in command in Derry on Bloody Sunday.

The Widgery Report: Lord master of deception

Lord Widgery was given the brief for the first cover up of the massacre in 1972.

Top brass decided that it was time to ‘shoot selected ringleaders’

The Bloody Sunday operation was devised at a very high level to stage an unprecedented confrontation.

Eamonn McCann and Bloody Sunday families on the Saville Report

15 June 2010
Eamonn McCann on the Saville Report Eamonn McCann, who was present at Bloody Sunday and wrote Socialist Worker’s front page after the massacre, said on Tuesday:

Bloody Sunday: Murder by British state

15 June 2010
The Saville report released on Tuesday stripped away key lies that the British establishment had told for 38 years about the murder of 14 civilians in Derry, Northern Ireland, in 1972.

Bloody Sunday in Derry

10 December 2005
The smoke hadn’t cleared from the Bogside when Captain Mike Jackson, second-in-command of the First Battalion of the Parachute Regiment, standing in the lee of the Rossville Street flats, began pondering the notes that the Bloody Sunday families believe were to become the basis for a cover-up of murder.

Eamonn McCann writes on Bloody Sunday

26 January 2002
Bloody Sunday should fill the British ruling class with shame. Instead they send up flurries of outrage to distract attention from the truth. The two new TV dramas marking the thirtieth anniversary of the massacre have been denounced by a variety of politicians and commentators. Some of these people didn't feel the need to see the films before delivering their judgement.

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