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Workers hit back at Remploy by occupying corporate head office

23 August 2012
Sacked workers at Remploy protested today, Thursday, by occupying the company’s head office in Leicester for four hours.

Disabled activists target cruel Atos in run-up to Paralympics

21 August 2012
As London prepares for the Paralympic Games next week, disabled activists are organising protests against one of the year’s most grotesque hypocrisies.

The Paralympic Games: disability, sport and capitalism

21 August 2012
The 2012 Paralympic games, starting in London next week, are set to be the biggest ever—with around 5,000 competitors from 147 countries.

Remploy factory workers are still up for a fight

21 August 2012
This week saw the first closures of the 36 marked Remploy factories, which provide work for disabled people. But workers at some sites are refusing to give up the fight.

Fun and games for hated Paralympic sponsor Atos

14 August 2012
Disabled activists and supporters are organising a week of protests during the Paralympics this month, against the Games’ main sponsor Atos Healthcare.

A gold medal for hypocrisy

31 July 2012
Chris Grayling, the Tory work and pensions minister, launched fresh attacks on benefit claimants this week, despite his smear that they are fakers being proved wrong.

Atos hounds terminally ill people off benefits, says investigation

31 July 2012
"Why aren’t you dead then?" This was the response of an Atos work capability assessor to an interviewee who said they had attempted suicide several times while suffering with depression.

Just weeks left to save Remploy

31 July 2012
Disabled workers facing factory closures at Remploy are to strike for a third day on Monday of next week.

Remploy workers strike again: reports and pictures round-up

26 July 2012
Remploy workers strike again: reports and pictures round-up

Remploy workers set to strike to stop cruel closures

17 July 2012
Thousands of disabled workers were set to strike this week to save their jobs. The Tories want to close 36 of 54 Remploy factories, which employ disabled workers.

Remploy strike set to light flame of struggle against plant closures

10 July 2012
All 54 Remploy factories are set to strike on 19 and 26 July in a fight to stop the closure of 36 sites. The workers in the GMB and Unite unions plan to begin an overtime ban on 12 July.

Remploy workers vote to strike over factory closure plan

05 July 2012
Members of the GMB and Unite unions at 54 Remploy factories across the country have voted to strike against Tory plans to shut 36 of the sites.

Fury at cruel attacks on disabled jobs

05 June 2012
Disabled workers sent a clear message that they will fight back at the TUC’s disabled workers conference last week.

Scandal of charities that bully people off benefits

22 May 2012
Charities and voluntary organisations that claim to be helping vulnerable people are instead enforcing government plans to throw them off benefits, Socialist Worker can reveal.

Don't let the Tories divide and conquer our resistance

01 May 2012
We fully support the Remploy workers’ fight against closures—but this position is a controversial one.

A cruel and unnecessary attack on Remploy jobs

01 May 2012
The government’s decision to close 36 of 54 remaining Remploy sites will throw 1,752 people out of work. All but 234 of them are disabled.

Disabled People Against Cuts: ‘We won’t accept attacks on our benefits’

24 April 2012
Over 100 disabled people and their supporters protested in central London on Wednesday of last week against welfare cuts and the closure of Remploy factories.

Disabled workers fight closure plan

17 April 2012
The fight is on to stop the closure of factories employing more than 1,500 disabled workers.

Remploy workers fight to save 2,000 jobs

20 March 2012
Workers are campaigning to stop the closure of Remploy factories.

Shot man fit for work, says Atos

14 February 2012
Another shocking case of private firm Atos declaring people "fit to work" when they are clearly sick or disabled has come to light.

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