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30 September 2014
Wages could continue to fall for years to come; disabled child aged ten had to sleep in a dog cage; construction workers win improved toilet facilities after an unofficial strike

Woman dies after benefits cut off - but Tory calls for new attacks

12 August 2014
Annette Francis was owed hundreds of pounds due to the backlog caused by the government's move from Disability Living Allowance to Personal Independence Payment. An inquest heard that the financial pressure led to her committing suicide. Now Work and Pensions Secretary Ian Duncan Smith is calling for even harsher changes to the benefit system.

Barnsley freedom riders say, 'prepare for Autumn action'

29 July 2014
Nearly 100 disabled and older people arrived at Barnsley Rail Station on Monday of this week for the latest Freedom Ride.

House of Lords debate assisted suicide bill

22 July 2014
The House of Lords debated a bill last week that would legalise assisted suicide for some terminally ill people.

Disability campaigners sit in at Westminster Abbey

01 July 2014
Some 75 people occupied Westminster Abbey grounds in central London last Saturday, in protest against Tory plans to scrap the Independent Living Fund (ILF) disability benefit.

Barnsley freedom riders return unbowed

30 June 2014
More than 100 people joined a freedom ride protest in Barnsley today, Monday. Disabled people, pensioners and their supporters gathered to lobby a meeting of the South Yorkshire Transport Executive.

Support grows for South Yorkshire freedom riders after police violence at protest

25 June 2014
Support has flooded in for freedom ride protesters in Barnsley after police arrested two protesters on Monday of this week.

Crisis in Tory government's disability benefit 'reforms'

24 June 2014
The government is under fire over the growing number of sick and disabled people going without benefits due to the backlog created by its tests. 

Pensioners and disabled people 'appalled' at police violence on freedom ride protest

24 June 2014
Northern Rail Transport Police turned to violence to try and break protests by pensioners and disabled people in South Yorkshire this week.

Activists meet to organise unity for benefits justice against Tory attacks on welfare

10 June 2014
Campaigners from across Britain met in Manchester last Saturday to organise against Tory attacks on benefits. More than 80 people attended the national meeting of the Anti Bedroom Tax and Benefit Justice Federation.

Freedom riders defy the cops in Tour de South Yorkshire

10 June 2014
Over 100 Freedom Riders from all over South Yorkshire travelled by train to Meadowhall in Sheffield on Monday of this week.

Annual TUC disabled workers' conference backs action

03 June 2014
Almost 200 delegates attended the annual TUC disabled workers conference in London last week.

Travel campaigners vow to ride on after bosses pass some concessions

20 May 2014
Over 200 people marched through the centre of Barnsley last Saturday against the withdrawal of free travel for disabled and older people. The four South Yorkshire Labour-run councils’ decision has sparked outrage and weeks of Freedom Ride protests, where hundreds of people travel on trains and refuse to pay.

Cops hold disabled teen for nine hours

20 May 2014
More than 21,000 people have signed a petition in support of a teenager with Down’s Syndrome held by police in a cell for nine hours and then cautioned. 

Disabled people protest at ILF cut

13 May 2014
Disabled people and supporters protested outside the Department for Work and Pensions in London on Monday of this week.

Unions voice support for Barnsley Freedom Ride campaign

06 May 2014
Trade union support is increasing for the South Yorkshire Freedom Ride campaigners.

All aboard as the freedom riders demand free travel

29 April 2014
A noisy mass of people gathered in Barnsley train station on Monday of this week for their fifth “Freedom Ride”.

Freedom riders pile the pressure on South Yorkshire councils

22 April 2014
Over 100 Freedom Ride protesters continued their protests on Tuesday of this week against the axing of free train travel for older and disabled people.

Atos judged not ‘fit for work’

01 April 2014
The government confirmed last week that Atos Healthcare would no longer be carrying out “fit for work” tests on sick and disabled people.

Barnsley freedom ride campaign refuses to pay rail fares

01 April 2014
More than 120 pensioners and disabled people defied the decision to axe free travel by refusing to pay when they boarded trains on Monday of this week.

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