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Activists meet to organise unity for benefits justice against Tory attacks on welfare

10 June 2014
Campaigners from across Britain met in Manchester last Saturday to organise against Tory attacks on benefits. More than 80 people attended the national meeting of the Anti Bedroom Tax and Benefit Justice Federation.

Annual TUC disabled workers' conference backs action

03 June 2014
Almost 200 delegates attended the annual TUC disabled workers conference in London last week.

Travel campaigners vow to ride on after bosses pass some concessions

20 May 2014
Over 200 people marched through the centre of Barnsley last Saturday against the withdrawal of free travel for disabled and older people. The four South Yorkshire Labour-run councils’ decision has sparked outrage and weeks of Freedom Ride protests, where hundreds of people travel on trains and refuse to pay.

Cops hold disabled teen for nine hours

20 May 2014
More than 21,000 people have signed a petition in support of a teenager with Down’s Syndrome held by police in a cell for nine hours and then cautioned. 

Disabled people protest at ILF cut

13 May 2014
Disabled people and supporters protested outside the Department for Work and Pensions in London on Monday of this week.

Unions voice support for Barnsley Freedom Ride campaign

06 May 2014
Trade union support is increasing for the South Yorkshire Freedom Ride campaigners.

All aboard as the freedom riders demand free travel

29 April 2014
A noisy mass of people gathered in Barnsley train station on Monday of this week for their fifth “Freedom Ride”.

Freedom riders pile the pressure on South Yorkshire councils

22 April 2014
Over 100 Freedom Ride protesters continued their protests on Tuesday of this week against the axing of free train travel for older and disabled people.

Atos judged not ‘fit for work’

01 April 2014
The government confirmed last week that Atos Healthcare would no longer be carrying out “fit for work” tests on sick and disabled people.

Barnsley freedom ride campaign refuses to pay rail fares

01 April 2014
More than 120 pensioners and disabled people defied the decision to axe free travel by refusing to pay when they boarded trains on Monday of this week.

Tories launch new attack on Independent Living Fund

11 March 2014
The government last week announced plans to push ahead with the closure of the Independent Living Fund (ILF).

Man ‘starved’ after an Atos ruling stopped his benefits

04 March 2014
A disabled man starved to death in David Cameron’s constituency last year, four months after his benefits were cut, a coroners court heard last week. Atos Healthcare declared Mark Wood “fit for work” despite the fact that he had serious health problems.

Victory for disabled campaigners as Atos looks for way to escape ‘fit for work’ tests contract

25 February 2014
Hated firm Atos healthcare has said it wants to stop testing whether disabled benefit claimants are “fit for work”.

Benefits campaigners call lobby at parliament

25 February 2014
The court of Appeal ruled last week against disabled campaigners who said the bedroom tax and benefit cap discriminate against them.

Not going Underground: Cuts mean disabled access on Tube will be worse

04 February 2014
Boris Johnson and the Tube bosses say that new technology allows them to sack hundreds of workers and close all ticket offices. But disabled people and Tube workers told Raymie Kiernan that getting rid of workers will make a system that’s already hard to navigate even harder. And it will force some of the capital’s most vulnerable people into isolation

Disabled activists call protests against Atos

21 January 2014
Disabled activists have called for protests at Atos Healthcare centres around Britain.

Disabled activists take on Gove with flash occupation

17 December 2013
Some 30 disabled activists, parents and teachers stormed the Department for Education last week to protest against government attacks on inclusive education.

Tories could take even more benefits from the seriously ill by scrapping Work Related Activities Programme

26 November 2013
Tory minister Iain Duncan Smith wants to make it easier to slash the benefits of 550,000 seriously ill people, the Observer has claimed.

Tories lose court case on Independent Living Fund

12 November 2013
The Court of Appeal last week upheld a legal challenge against the government’s decision to close the Independent Living Fund (ILF) in 2015.

Commonwealth Games disability rights protest

05 November 2013

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