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Court backs bedroom tax - but protests grow

30 July 2013
The Tories’ bedroom tax is pushing people to despair but resistance is growing too, reports Dave Sewell

Atos disability tests found ‘unacceptable’

23 July 2013
Thousands of disabled people found fit for work by hated contractors Atos healthcare were finally vindicated this week.

Tory reform means 600,000 could lose their benefit

11 June 2013
The government will stop accepting claims for Disability Living Allowance (DLA) this week. 

Hidden attack in new Universal Credit

11 June 2013
The new Universal Credit benefit could include a mechanism for landlords to chase up rent arrears.

TUC disabled workers conference calls for action

28 May 2013
Around 260 delegates attended last week’s TUC disabled workers’ conference. 

Judges rule disability tests disadvantage people with mental health problems

28 May 2013
Judges have ruled that disability benefit tests disadvantage people with mental heath problems. 

Benefit claimants launch legal battle over bedroom tax

21 May 2013
Ten claimants began a legal challenge against the bedroom tax on Wednesday of last week. 

Fight for benefit justice at TUC disabled workers' conference

21 May 2013
Hundreds of disabled trade unionists were set to meet for the TUC disabled workers’ conference in London on Wednesday and Thursday of this week.

Independent Living Fund scrapped

30 April 2013
A legal battle between disability activists and the government has revealed plans to slash up to £320 million of support to severely disabled people.

Disability support workers strike back

23 April 2013
Some 150 workers at Thera East Midlands, which supports people with learning disabilities, struck on Thursday of last week over pay and conditions.

New test takes aim at disabled people

09 April 2013
Almost three million disabled people face new assessments from companies such as Atos healthcare, G4S and Capita. 

What makes disability?

05 April 2013
Roddy Slorach examines the history of the relationship between capitalism, work and disability

Christmas on the dole for the disabled workers at Remploy

11 December 2012
With Christmas around the corner, there’s no let up in the grim future the government has set for disabled workers. Hundreds more workers at Remploy factories are at risk of losing their jobs under fresh closure plans announced last week.

Remploy workers strike back in Scotland as factories close

23 October 2012
Remploy workers in Scotland struck for 24 hours on Monday of this week. The strikes are at the Clyde Bank, Cowdenbeath, Dundee, Stirling and Leven factories. Workers also lobbied the disabilities minister Esther McVey who was visiting Edinburgh.

Atos documents reveal the chaos behind Tory benefit reforms

23 October 2012
Protests are having an impact on Atos Healthcare, the private firm paid by the government to test whether people are "disabled enough" to receive benefits.

Remploy workers strike for five days as sell-off plans announced

02 October 2012
On Monday of this week Remploy announced that three factories—Chesterfield, Springburn and Bridgend—are being sold off.

This is a fight for our livelihoods, say Remploy strikers

11 September 2012
Hundreds of workers marched through Chesterfield in Derbyshire last Saturday to support Remploy workers fighting for their jobs.

Hundreds protest outside Atos headquarters then blockade DWP

31 August 2012
More than 500 people rallied outside the offices of Paralympic sponsor Atos in central London this afternoon as part of a day of action called by Disabled People Against Cuts (Dpac) and UK Uncut.

Activists turn up the heat on Atos in London and Cardiff

30 August 2012
Protests around the country against Paralympic sponsor Atos continued yesterday, Wednesday.

Anti-Atos protests take to streets of Manchester and Sheffield

29 August 2012
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