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Striking lessons in the universities

21 February 2004
TENS OF thousands of university lecturers are to strike over pay across Britain and Northern Ireland next week. On Wednesday 47,000 lecturers belonging to the AUT union in the "old" universities, those which were never polytechnics, will be out. In addition to Wednesday's strike, lecturers in Wales will also strike on Monday, in England on Tuesday, in Scotland on Thursday and in Northern Ireland on Friday.

An overture to ballot for all-out strike

14 February 2004
THOUSANDS OF nursery nurses across Scotland struck on Wednesday of last week and Tuesday of this in their long-running campaign to get recognition for the job they do. "We don't want to have to be on strike," said Margaret Ritchie on the picket line outside Royal Mile primary school in Edinburgh.

Compulsory reading for college students

07 February 2004
THERE COULD hardly be a better time for Socialist Worker to be available in universities, and soon many more students will see the paper. Over 40 WH Smith's and Menzies campus shops in England and Wales will be stocking the paper from next week, plus almost all Scottish universities.

Nurseries round-up

24 January 2004
Scottish nursery nurses ballot on all-out strike More than 4,000 of Scotland's nursery nurses still in dispute with local councils are to ballot on an all-out indefinite strike.

Nursery nurses

20 December 2003
MORE THAN 1,500 people marched in Dundee on Thursday of last week in support of Scotland's nursery nurses' national regarding campaign.

Nursery nurses

13 December 2003
LABOUR-RUN local authorities across Scotland have launched a despicable campaign in an effort to defeat the nursery nurses' pay strikes.

Bin workers

06 December 2003
AROUND 150 bin workers in north Lanarkshire in Scotland struck on Friday of last week. They are set to escalate strike action after council chiefs hired scab labour.


06 December 2003
THREE BRANCHES of the RMT rail workers' union want to switch their support from Labour to the Scottish Socialist Party.

Socialist MSPs are suspended

22 November 2003
Four socialist members of the Scottish parliament have been suspended from the chamber for protesting in support of the right to demonstrate outside the G8 summit in Gleneagles.

It was the biggest demo on a working day anyone could remember

20 November 2003
EVEN EXPERIENCED protesters were amazed by the size and atmosphere of Thursday's magnificent protest. Thousands poured into the capital from all over Britain, from Aberdeen in northern Scotland to Plymouth in the south, and joined hundreds of thousands more Londoners.

Step up fight after the five-day strike

01 November 2003
FIVE THOUSAND nursery nurses struck over pay in Scotland last week. The five days of strikes were staggered so workers at nurseries in different regions took action starting on different days. Scottish nursery nurses have not had their pay scales regraded for 15 years. After working for ten years a nursery nurse can expect to earn a maximum of £13,800.

Socialist Worker Appeal

01 November 2003
"BY SUPPORTING the struggles of the world's oppressed and exploited against capitalist globalisation, Socialist Worker has helped continue the internationalist tradition at the heart of socialist politics. At a time when other sections of the left have vacillated or capitulated in the face of the new imperialism, Socialist Worker has stood firm. It has provided activists throughout the UK with detailed and uncompromising arguments against Bush and Blair's 'war without end'." NEIL DAVIDSON, author of The Origins of Scottish Nationhood and Discovering the Scottish Revolution

We've had to put our whole life on hold

25 October 2003
WORKERS AT insurer Direct Line are on the verge of striking just weeks after many of them joined the union for the first time. If they go ahead this will be the first strike in the history of Direct Line, which is owned by the Royal Bank of Scotland.

Nursery nurses

25 October 2003
THOUSANDS OF nursery nurses across Scotland were taking strike action this week. They began a strike, set to last five days, on Monday of this week. The action, called by the Unison public sector workers' union, was part of the Scottish nursery nurses' ongoing fight against low pay, which has so far lasted for six months.


11 October 2003
Brilliant march – and now for Bush visit I was one of eight socialist students and Scottish Socialist Party members from Dundee on Saturday 27 September’s brilliant demo. We were amazed at the scale and diversity of the march.

Nursery nurses

27 September 2003
OVER 2,000 nursery nurses from the Unison public sector union took part in a noisy and vibrant demonstration in Edinburgh on Wednesday of last week as part of their fight for decent pay. Members of the public tooted their car horns, cheered and applauded to demonstrate their support as the march passed them. Nursery nurses in different areas of Scotland struck on Tuesday and Wednesday of last week.

Now the mood for action is spreading

20 September 2003
Scotland SCOTTISH nursery nurses planned more industrial action this week in their dispute over pay. They are angry that the employers' body, Cosla, has not come up with a serious pay offer. The nursery nurses announced the next stage in their campaign at a well attended family day held in Glasgow last Saturday.

Nursery nurses

13 September 2003
NURSERY NURSES in Scotland plan two days of strikes in all regions next week. Some areas will strike on Tuesday and Wednesday, others on Wednesday and Thursday. The action will include a major protest in Edinburgh on the Wednesday. But the first event is the major rally planned for this Saturday, 13 September, to give other workers and parents the opportunity to join nursery nurses and show their support.

Standing up for refugees

13 September 2003
OVER 2,000 people joined the biggest, and angriest, demonstration yet last Saturday against the Dungavel refugee detention centre in Lanarkshire (right). Scotland's "asylum prison" has been the subject of protests since it opened two years ago. Saturday's demo began with furious demonstrators banging on the huge metal barrier around the centre chanting, "Shut it down!"

Nursery Nurses

06 September 2003
SOME 5,000 nursery nurses in Scotland were due to begin a week-long strike to pile on the pressure in their battle for decent pay and recognition for the work they do.

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