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Judges on strike across Tunisia

23 April 2013
Judges in Tunisia struck last week against a threat to the independence of the judiciary. There was a split in their professional association. 

World Social Forum: Tunisia takes the spirit of revolution to the world

05 April 2013
In Tunisia you cannot escape the revolution. On arrival at my hotel in Tunis the bell boy took the opportunity to update me on “el thawra” (the revolution) as we travelled in the lift. “There is progress,” he said “but it is going to take time.”

Tunis against assassination

21 March 2013
Tunisia saw huge protests on Saturday of last week to mark 40 days since the assassination of opposition politician Chokri Belaid in February.

Tunisia: two years on

11 December 2012
The Tunisian revolution began two years ago this month—and set in motion a wave of revolt across North Africa and the Middle East.

Tunisian workers protest in new battle to stop privatisation

31 July 2012
Workers in Tunisia have been protesting, and in some places striking, against the privatisation of factories that were nationalised during the revolution.

Daily strikes in Tunisia show rulers are losing support

19 June 2012
Things never stand still in Tunisia. In the past weeks exiled dictator Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali was sentenced, in his absence, to ten years imprisonment for unlawful killing. He is hiding from justice in Saudi Arabia.

Trade union protesters fill streets of Tunis

28 February 2012
Thousands of protesters flooded the streets of Tunisia’s capital Tunis on Saturday to protest against the government.

Tunisia's revolution, one year on

03 January 2012
Looking back, I see that the movement that came to overthrow Zine El Abidine Ben Ali started in 2008. There was a very big intifada—an uprising in the mining basin in the south of the country.

Trade unions play a key role in Tunisia

03 January 2012
The general union in Tunisia, the UGTT, has been the only counter-power to the regime. But under Ben Ali it became very tame and the leadership very corrupt.

Huge turnout in Tunisian elections

25 October 2011
The first genuine elections in over 40 years were held in Tunisia this week. The electoral authorities say that some 90 percent of registered voters cast their vote.

From Tahrir to Times Square

18 October 2011
What a year of miracles 2011 is turning out to be. It began with revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt, but has now produced a global day of protest against capitalism. An estimated one million people demonstrated worldwide on 15 October.

Zimbabwe socialists' trial delayed

20 September 2011
The trial of six activists arrested in Zimbabwe for showing news footage of the uprisings in Tunisia and Egypt began last Thursday.

Timeline of the Libyan uprising: from Tunisia to Tripoli

23 August 2011
16 January Colonel Gaddafi is terrified by the fall of Abidine Ben Ali in neighbouring Tunisia. He makes a long statement condemning Tunisian revolutionaries. 15 February Libya joins the wider revolutionary wave spreading across the Middle East and North Africa as protests begin in Benghazi, in the east. They are met with a brutal backlash from Gaddafi’s regime. 17 February Libya’s first "day of rage", with demonstrations across four cities. Troops kill an estimated 230 people. 18 February Armed resistance begins and Gaddafi’s forces are quickly thrown on the defensive. In t

Our Dreams Are Our Weapons

28 June 2011
This CD brings us songs from this spring’s uprisings in Tunisia and Egypt.

Arab uprisings round-up

31 May 2011
The wave of uprisings inspired by the Tunisian and Egyptian revolutions is continuing across the Arab world.

Tunisia: celebrating the future

03 May 2011
Around 2,000 people joined the first public May Day celebrations in Tunis for 50 years.

Zimbabweans fight on

19 April 2011
Six Zimbawean activists are continuing to campaign against treason charges following their arrest at a meeting where they showed a video about the revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt.

Revolutionary wave is still rising across Middle East and Africa

19 April 2011
The media want us to believe that the revolutionary wave is over—that Tunisia and Egypt were the end of it, not the start.

From Tunisia to today: the revolutions continue

22 March 2011
A single act of resistance in Tunisia last December sparked a revolt that has brought down two dictators and continues to sweep across the Middle East and North Africa.

Tunisia's old leaders manoeuvre as revolution deepens

12 March 2011
The great wave of revolution across the Middle East and North Africa is growing.

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