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Tunisia timeline

18 January 2011
1881: France invades and Tunisia becomes a French colony. Hundreds of thousands of Tunisians flee after a rebellion is crushed9 April, 1938: French troops open fire on independence demonstrators, killing and injuring hundreds of civilians20 March, 1956: Tunisia becomes independent after 75 years as a French protectorate. Nationalist leader Habib Bourguiba is named prime minister25 July, 1957: The monarchy is abolished and Tunisia becomes a republic. Bourguiba becomes president. US aid floods in19 July, 1961: Bourguiba demands that French forces leave their nava

Eyewitness to the fall of brutal dictator Ben Ali

18 January 2011
Mohammed, a Tunisian socialist living in London, flew to Tunis last week to take part in the mass protest that forced Ben Ali to flee the country. He spoke to Socialist Worker:

Mass protest topples tyrant

18 January 2011
Revolution sweeps away a hated dictator. Thousands fill the streets to celebrate their newly won freedom. The scenes sound like something from a history book. But this is Tunisia in January 2011.

Revolution in Tunisia: ‘We have the power’

18 January 2011
The revolution that is ripping through Tunisia has led to celebrations across the Arab world and beyond.

‘A lesson no Arab regime should ignore’

18 January 2011
Across the Arab world, millions of people suffer the same poverty, unemployment, soaring prices and oppression that lie behind the Tunisian revolution.

The new government will be weak

18 January 2011
The situation on the ground remains quite volatile. The flight of Ben Ali gave remnants of the old regime a platform to regroup—despite the fact that it was on its last legs—and they are trying to organise a counter-revolution.

Tunisia: workers can transform the world

18 January 2011
Revolutions often appear to come from nowhere. People living under a brutal regime who for generations have got on with their everyday lives—making a living, studying—suddenly revolt.

Permanent revolution: how to win liberation in the Middle East

18 January 2011
Hossam Bahgat of the Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights said he was glued to the news from Tunisia.

Tunisian revolution topples tyrant - and panics Arab rulers

16 January 2011
Revolution has ousted the corrupt Tunisian leader President Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali.

Riots rock North African regimes

11 January 2011
Uprisings are shaking the authoritarian regimes of Tunisia and Algeria in North Africa.

Tunisian uprising is a beacon of hope

04 January 2011
The uprisings that spread across Tunisia in North Africa over the last two weeks in December mark an important moment in the country’s history.


08 July 2008
Tunisian-born writer and director Abdellatif Kechiche has produced a brilliantly unsentimental portrait of working class life in Sète, a port town on the French Mediterranean coast.

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