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Solidarity with victimised Mahalla strikers

19 September 2017
Eight workers have been targeted after the recent sit-in and strike

Strike gives hope in Egypt’s textile mills

29 August 2017
The Mahalla textile strike shows the potential for Egyptian workers to fight in the face of repression, writes Tom Kay

Mahalla textile workers in Egypt hold huge sit-in over austerity

15 August 2017
The textile factories of Mahalla are once more a frontline of resistance, reports Tomáš Tengely-Evans

Protests erupt after IDF murders Palestinians

22 July 2017
At least three Palestinians were killed by Israeli forces on Friday, as protests against the Israeli occupation erupted across East Jerusalem and the West Bank.

International round up: Egypt to put Israel’s man in Gaza?

11 July 2017
Palestinian Authority (PA) president Mahmoud Abbas met with Egyptian dictator Abdel Fattah el-Sisi last Sunday.

Reviews—Sleaford Mods film will do well ahead of the elections

25 April 2017
This portrait of the musical act Sleaford Mods goes on national cinema release this week.

Protests in Egypt after regime 'steals daily bread' from the poor

07 March 2017
Demonstrations swept across several Egyptian cities after the government’s Supply Ministry slashed the amount of subsidised bread available to the poor.

Poking fun at Egypt's rulers and refusing to be silenced

10 February 2017
Anne Alexander looks at Tickling Giants, a documentary film about Egyptian satirist Bassem Youssef who refused to be a mouthpiece for the counter-revolution, just one of many award-winning films at the Human Rights Watch Film Festival in London next month

Egyptian textile workers' strike shows growing anger at regime's austerity

08 February 2017
Around 3,000 textile workers in Mahalla, northern Egypt, walked on Tuesday out in a sign of growing discontent at spiralling living costs. 

Egypt's Revolutionary Socialists respond to killing of Copts

13 December 2016
 The murder of 24 Copts shows the bankruptcy of terrorism but also the poisonous nature of the Egyptian regime

How the Suez crisis sank an empire

25 October 2016
Britain invaded Egypt sixty years ago—a brutal response to the resistance against its decaying empire. The result was humiliation. Historian John Newsinger tells the story

Housing protests are a sign of Egypt’s deepening crisis

22 October 2016
A spontaneous demonstration over housing costs by up to 1,000 people in the Egyptian city of Port Said this week brought growing frustrations over the country’s social crisis onto the streets.

Refugee deaths are the bitter fruit of European Union and British repression

27 September 2016
Hundreds of migrants drowned off the coast of Egypt yesterday, Wednesday. It was the bitter fruit of European Union (EU) naval operation in Libya that includes British ships.

Egyptian shipyard workers still face jail threat for organising resistance

20 September 2016
A verdict in the trial of 26 workers from Egypt’s Alexandria Shipyard has been delayed for a further month.

Shipyard workers on trial in Egypt appeal for solidarity

14 September 2016
This weekend 26 workers from Egypt’s Alexandria Shipyard are expected to find out the verdict in their military trial. They are calling for support

Freedom for Egyptian revolutionaries but many more face state repression

16 August 2016
Egyptian revolutionary socialist activists Mahienour el-Massry and Yousef Shaaban have been freed from jail after serving 15-month sentences on trumped-up charges.

Jail sentences quashed for 47 activists in Egypt

25 May 2016
In clear evidence that organised resistance and solidarity have an effect, 47 of the 101 Egyptian activists recently sentenced to five years in jail have had their custodial sentences quashed.

Britain’s brutal Egyptian ally rounds up and jails socialists

21 May 2016
Under the dictatorship of Abdel Fattah el-Sisi socialists and the left are bearing the brunt of the crackdown on protest—mobilising international solidarity is crucial, writes Charlie Kimber

Protest against the mass jailings in Egypt

17 May 2016
Over 150 activists seized during the crackdown on the protest movement against Egypt’s sale of its Tiran and Sanafir islands to Saudi Arabia have been given long jail sentences and heavy fines.

Protests in Egypt met with brutal repression

26 April 2016
Demonstrations were pushed back on Monday but the regime is still in trouble

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