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Middle Eastern states manoevure in regional power play

07 April 2015
The danger for Western imperialism is that the mess—and with it the Middle East—escapes anyone’s control, writes Alex Callinicos

International round-up

24 February 2015
Israeli army opens floodgates | Activists jailed by Egyptian court | Thousands join US oil strike

Could the Arab Spring rise again?

24 February 2015
Socialists Joseph Daher from Syria and Sameh Naguib from Egypt spoke at a recent conference about the situation four years on from the Arab Spring, writes Nick Clark

Social and economic contradictions mean the Arab revolutions will erupt once again

17 February 2015
Four years after the fall of Egyptian dictator Hosni Mubarak, how do the Arab revolutions stand? 

Egyptian police attack football fans

10 February 2015
At least 30 Egyptians died on Sunday after police attacked Zamalek football fans at the Air Force stadium in New Cairo.

News round-up

03 February 2015
cops face new abuse complaints | protest stops deportation | Egypt upholds death sentences

Brutal crackdown on anniversary of Egypt’s revolution as state forces kill socialist

27 January 2015
Government forces opened fire on people commemorating the 2011 revolution, writes Charlie Kimber

Workers defy Egyptian regime in Mahalla strike

20 January 2015
The repressive Egyptian regime continues its attacks on activists as the fourth anniversary of the start of the 2011 revolution approaches this weekend.

Statement from the Egyptian Revolutionary Socialists on the confiscation of members' assets

07 January 2015
Down with the corrupt judges … Down with military rule

London protest for jailed Al Jazeera journalists

06 January 2015
Around 100 journalists and human rights campaigners protested outside the Egyptian Embassy in central London on Monday of last week.

Egypt regimes launches new attack on left

06 January 2015
The Egyptian state has launched new attacks in the approach to the Egyptian Revolution’s fourth anniversary on 25 January.

Protests return to Cairo streets

02 December 2014
Up to 3,000 people protested the outskirts of Cairo’s Tahrir Square last Sunday after a court dismissed charges of murdering protesters against toppled dictator Hosni Mubarak.

How to beat the regime in Egypt

02 December 2014
A leading member of the Egyptian Revolutionary Socialists spoke to Judith Orr about the impact of the counter revolution—and the prospects for new struggles

London protest shows solidarity with political prisoners in Egypt

25 November 2014
Around 40 people joined a lively protest in central London organised by the Egypt Solidarity Initiative last Saturday.

'Prison made me more determined to resist’--Egyptian revolutionary

04 November 2014
Mahienour el-Massry spoke to Socialist Worker about her time in jail and the Egyptian military’s ongoing clampdown

International round-up

23 September 2014
Greek workers strike; Egyptian socialist Mahienour el-Massry released;Spanish Tories drop plans to overturn abortion rights

Egyptian activists released on bail

16 September 2014
leading egyptian political activist Alaa Abdel Fattah and his co-defendents Mohamed Abdel-Rahman, known as Noubi, and Wael Metwally were released on bail, following a court ruling on Monday of this week.

How Egypt’s state plotted its bloody revenge

19 August 2014
A year has passed since the army massacred protesters in Cairo's Rabaa al Adawiya Square

Hatreds spawned by the West - the myth of the intolerant Middle East

12 August 2014
Violence in the Middle East is often blamed on age old religious hatred. But the region's history is of coexistence—until imperialist superpowers tore it apart, argues Ken Olende

Human Right Watch report slams Egypt’s regime

12 August 2014
A Human Rights Watch report published this week states that the Egyptian military deliberately planned the deadly assault on unarmed protesters in August 2013. 

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