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Egyptian revolutionaries take aid convoy to border with Gaza

22 July 2014
Over 500 of us in 11 coaches set off in a “People’s Convoy” from Cairo early last Saturday morning to take medical supplies into Gaza and show solidarity.

Egyptian Revolutionary Socialist Mahienour el-Massry has jail sentence reduced

22 July 2014
Revolutionary Socialist and lawyer Mahienour el-Massry had her two-year sentence for defying the anti protest law reduced after an appeal last Sunday. She was charged after demonstrating outside the court hearing of the police officers charged with murdering political blogger Khaled Said in 2010.

News in-brief

22 July 2014
Bin workers set for walkout, protest for locked out staff, therapists hail win over harassment, join the vigil for Mark Duggan, activists discuss Egypt repression, Kent music festival stands up to racists

Palestinian liberation is ingrained into the Egyptian revolution

15 July 2014
Many consider the second Palestinian Intifada in 2000 to be the beginning of the road to the Egyptian revolution, writes Wassim Wagdy

Protests in Egypt over cuts to fuel subsidies

08 July 2014
The Egyptian government removed fuel subsidies and put tax up on cigarettes, wine and beer last weekend.

Revolutionary socialists across Middle East denounce sectarianism

01 July 2014
Revolutionary socialist organisations in Egypt, Iraq, Lebanon, Tunisia, Syria and Morocco have issued a joint statement condemning the sectarianism ripping Iraq apart.

Activists' anger and defiance at state repression in Egypt

01 July 2014
The 23 defendants on trial in Cairo for marching against the protest law were defiant at their court hearings last weekend.

Egypt regime gets US seal of approval

24 June 2014
US secretary of state John Kerry met Egypt’s president Abdel Fattah el-Sisi on Sunday of last week to promise the unblocking of US military aid. 

Exposed - the limits of US power

24 June 2014
The crisis in Iraq shows the weakness of the US — and that means movements from below can strike blows against the whole system, Alex Callinicos tells Socialist Worker

The Arab revolutions mix despair and hope

24 June 2014
Only in the most mechanical understanding of history do relations of oppression and exploitation automatically translate into revolution. 

'The cell block is a microcosm of class society' says jailed Egyptian revolutionary

10 June 2014
A letter from prison by leading Egyptian Revolutionary Socialist and human rights lawyer Mahienour el-Massry.

Egypt—resistance in the face of the regime's repression

03 June 2014
Prisoners were on hunger strike across Egypt as the world’s media rushed to declare military leader Abdel Fattah el-Sisi president. Judith Orr spoke to activists in Egypt about their struggle to resist their country’s newest dictator

Egypt's regime launches repressive clampdown in run-up to presidential election

27 May 2014
Opponents of Egypt’s regime face repression but are determined to keep resisting, says Judith Orr

Solidarity with activists in Egypt

27 May 2014
Around 50 people joined a workshop organised by Egypt Solidarity last Saturday.

Anger after Egyptian court jails leading Revolutionary Socialist Mahienour el-Massry

21 May 2014
A court in Alexandria has jailed leading Revolutionary Socialist Mahienour el-Massry for two years and fined her over £4,000.

International round-up

20 May 2014
Egypt Dedak campaign | Boko Haram and Nigeria | Abu Wa’el Dhiab in Guantanamo

Egypt Solidarity organises meeting to discuss resistance, revolution and repression

06 May 2014
Egypt Solidarity has organised a workshop in London on 24 May to discuss how campaigning activities can help those who struggle for change. Resistance, revolution, repression includes sessions on: Egypt after the coup, human rights and repression, universities and student life, workers and labour struggles.

Egypt’s military regime sets its sights on the left

29 April 2014
An Egyptian court handed out death sentences to 683 Muslim Brotherhood supporters on Monday of last week, and the government has banned the revolutionary youth April 6 Movement

Statement by the Egyptian Revolutionary Socialists on the presidential elections 27 April 2014

28 April 2014
The Revolutionary Socialists see participation in the election, and not a boycott, as the appropriate decision for the current political situation, seizing the chance to campaign against the candidate of the counter-revolution, in order to expose him and Mubarak’s cronies and the opportunistic boot-lickers who stand behind him.

Egypt's doctors fight for minimum wage as state continues crackdown

15 April 2014
A student was killed on Cairo university’s campus last Monday as state forces attacked pro-Muslim Brotherhood protesters. 

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