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Egypt’s army chief resigns in a bid to become president

01 April 2014
Egyptian army chief Abdel Fattah el-Sisi has resigned from the army in order to stand in presidential elections due on 

Repression deepens in Egypt but strikes continue

25 March 2014
An Egyptian court sentenced 529 Muslim Brotherhood supporters with the death penalty on Monday of last week after a two day trial. 

Workers in Egypt show resistance still possible

04 March 2014
Workers’ strikes continued after the shock resignation of Egypt’s government on Tuesday of last week.

Egypt's military-backed government resigns amid strikes

25 February 2014
The prime minister and cabinet of Egypt’s military-backed government suddenly resigned on Monday of this week. 

London protest at arrest of journalists in Egypt

20 February 2014
 Journalists protested outside the Egyptian embassy in London yesterday, Wednesday, as 20 journalists are being put on trial in Egypt for 'endangering national security'

New strike wave shows Egypt's workers have unfinished business

18 February 2014
A new strike wave has the military regime in Egypt worried that the spirit of rebellion that gripped the nation is not yet snuffed out. Judith Orr and Anne Alexander report on a minimum wage fight with big implications

Thousands of textile workers stage a sit-in in Mahalla

11 February 2014
Over 10,000 workers at state-owned textile factories in Egypt’s industrial city Mahalla struck and staged a sit-in on Monday of this week.

Counter-revolution can’t wipe out the memory of struggle

28 January 2014
Events in the Middle East and North Africa have posed the question of what revolutions achieve. Media commentators are keen to point out that the prospect of a new military president means Egypt is reverting to “business as usual”.

Egyptian army kills activists on revolution’s anniversary

28 January 2014
Socialists in Egypt prepare for long struggle amid a deadly clampdown and pro-army rally, says Judith Orr

Dark days in Egypt on the third anniversary of the Revolution

21 January 2014
On the third anniversary of the Egyptian Revolution the military is cracking down. Wassim Wagdy examines the balance of forces, Mostafa Bassiouny looks at the workers’ movement while Phil Marfleet looks at the role of the old left

Egypt's new constitution will entrench army rule

14 January 2014
Egyptians were voting in a referendum on a new constitution as Socialist Worker went to press.

Inspirational documentary The Square is immersed in the Egyptian Revolution

14 January 2014
Judith Orr looks at Jehane Noujaim’s inspiring new documentary The Square about the individuals caught up in Egypt’s turbulent revolution

Revolutionary activists face arrest in state crackdown in Egypt

07 January 2014
The military regime in Egypt is carrying out a serious crackdown on socialists and activists who played leading roles in the 2011 revolution. When the state has attacked revolutionaries in the past international solidarity has made a difference. Such solidarity is vital today.

Steel workers in Egypt win strike demands

17 December 2013
Striking workers in Egypt’s state-owned iron and steel company have won their promised profit shares and the sacking of the company’s boss.

‘We are not afraid’ - Egyptian Revolutionary Socialist speaks out against state crackdown

17 December 2013
Mahienour El-Massry, a lawyer and a member of the Revolutionary Socialists in Egypt, on current struggles and a warrant for her arrest

Steel workers hold sit-ins and strikes in Egypt

10 December 2013
Over 300 iron and steel workers demonstrated in central Cairo, Egypt’s capital city, on Monday of this week.

Egypt's Revolution deepens in the face of state repression

06 December 2013
Egyptian Revolutionary Socialist and labour lawyer Haitham Mohamedain is a leading activist in the struggles against the military’s new “protest law”. He writes from Cairo on why this resistance shows that the revolution continues

Egyptian steel workers stage sit-in

03 December 2013
Hundreds of steel workers in Helwan were continuing their sit-in to demand payment of bonuses and government investment on Monday of this week. 

Protesters defy Egypt's new 'protest law'

29 November 2013
Gigi Ibrahim reports from Cairo on the demonstrations which have erupted this week in response to a new anti-protest law. Police have killed a young student and arrested and assaulted many protesters

How new revolutionary protests are resisting the state in Egypt

26 November 2013
As protests return to Cairo’s streets, Judith Orr spoke to Egyptian socialists and activists about the unfolding revolution there and the fight to stop army repression

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