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International round-up: Palestinian protests in support of escaped prisoners

International round-up: Palestinian protests in support of escaped prisoners Israel launched a campaign of raids, incursions, roadblocks, searches and arrests last week after a group of Palestinian prisoners liberated themselves.

Their system is the real firestarter

Their system is the real firestarter Wildfires raging across European countries are part of a worldwide climate catastrophe. Our rulers are content to call the fires a ‘natural disaster’—but their drive for profit is the real cause, say socialists in affected areas

Nine Catalan political prisoners freed, but the struggle is far from over

Nine Catalan political prisoners freed, but the struggle is far from over The nine were arrested in the wake of the 2017 Catalan independence referendum for their involvement in organising the vote, demonstrations and mass civil disobedience.

Podemos—trapped by the system

Podemos—trapped by the system Radical left party Podemos sought to be an alternative to the corrupt political establishment but came to mirror its features. Sam Ord says hope for change in the Spanish state lies on organising outside of elections

Madrid elections see left punished for record in government

Madrid elections see left punished for record in government The conservatives and the far right surged to new heights and will govern the capital

Letters—Catalan political prisoners and the fight for independence

Letters—Catalan political prisoners and the fight for independence Catalonian struggles + International Working Women's Day + Trans rights + Anti-Traveller racism

LETTERS—India’s vaccine rollout driven by power politics, not need

23 February 2021
The Serum Institute of India is the world’s largest producer of vaccines, with the ability to produce 1.5 billion doses per year.

Catalan elections show backing for independence but far right also advances

20 February 2021
In the new parliament there is a leftist majority and a—different—pro-independence majority

Fighting fascism—remembering the International Brigades

18 October 2020
A new book tells the remarkable stories of the International Brigades who fought fascism in Spain. It’s a fascinating part of the Civil War

Interview with Catalan political prisoner Jordi Cuixart - ‘The state does not tolerate being questioned’

15 August 2020
Jordi Cuixart, president of the biggest pro-independence organisation in Catalonia, was interviewed by David Karvala, just as the Spanish Supreme Court sent Cuixart back to prison after a short period of parole in his nine-year sentence for organising protests

As car bosses want job cuts, we need unity to resist

02 June 2020
Auto bosses are setting workers against each other as they seek to restart profit-making.

Letters: ‘Radical’ left in Spain failed the test of coronavirus

17 April 2020
I was angry to see the Spanish state relax its coronavirus lockdown last week and workers in manufacturing and construction being told to return to work.

Move to restart economy is driven by state’s rivalry

13 April 2020
Global deaths from the ­coronavirus surpassed 100,000 at the end of last week. In many countries there is no let-up in the grim statistics of infection and deaths.

New coalition government in Spain marks a shift to the right for Podemos

14 January 2020
A new coalition government in Spain is vowing to create “a Spain of moderation and not a Spain of tension”.

Wave of protests in Madrid to pile pressure on climate talks

10 December 2019
The streets of Madrid were filled with defiant scenes last week as thousands of climate campaigners protested outside United Nations (UN) climate talks.

Vote for far right Vox rocks elections in Spain

12 November 2019
Elections in Spain last Sunday produced almost the same result as in April—except for a very disturbing rise for the far right party Vox.

Eyewitness from mass protests and police repression in Catalonia

28 October 2019
Angry protests swept Catalonia last weekend over harsh jail sentences handed down to activists who called the 2017 independence referendum. Over 350,000 people marched last Saturday.

Mass protests and strikes for democracy in Catalonia

20 October 2019
A general strike brought much of Catalonia to a standstill on Friday.

Stand with Catalonia after new wave of repression

15 October 2019
Massive protests erupted across Catalonia this week after a Spanish court sentenced nine pro-independence Catalan leaders to vicious prison terms.

Mobilisation in Catalonia after more repression

01 October 2019
Nine Catalan independence activists have been arrested on charges of terrorism and rebellion. The Spanish state deployed 500 police officers to carry out the arrests.

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