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Striking Spanish miner to address Unite the Resistance conference

20 June 2012
A striking miner from Spain is on his way to speak at the Unite the Resistance conference in London this Saturday.

Spanish crisis: cuts for all, except army and royals

12 June 2012
The impact of the crisis in Spain affects all aspects of life for ordinary people.

Spain: Striking miners fight police

12 June 2012
A militant strike by 8,000 coal miners has brought parts of northern Spain to a standstill. They have been on strike for over three weeks against cuts to mining subsidies.

Spain's rushed bank bailout betrays the fear of our rulers

12 June 2012
The government of Spain—the fourth biggest eurozone economy—has turned to the European Union for a bailout estimated at up to £81 billion.

Eyewitness Spain: Bank crisis fuels the rage against a rotten system

29 May 2012
Spain’s rulers are in a panic as economic indicators point to a Greek-style collapse of the economy.

Eurozone turmoil spreads to Spain

22 May 2012
Could Spain be the next eurozone domino to fall? With a near-run on one of its biggest banks, Bankia, last week, market chaos has become the norm.

Spain's indignados make a return to the streets

15 May 2012
The streets of the Spanish state echoed with opposition to banks and calls for "real democracy" last Saturday as the indignados (outraged) marked the first anniversary of their 15 May movement.

The politics of the rising European left

15 May 2012
Europe's political leadership is bankrupt. This is true literally, as we can see with the latest stage of the banking crisis unfolding in Spain. If the eurozone continues to unravel, there simply won’t be enough money to save it.

Size does matter if Spain goes Greek

17 April 2012
Alex Callinicos recently argued in these pages that the global economic crisis is far from over. The ink had hardly dried on his words when the crisis in Spain started growing to "Greek" proportions.

Anger explodes on the streets of Spain

03 April 2012
Our angry, gigantic general strike across the Spanish state last week was a new step forward in the fight against austerity in Europe.

Spanish government feels the heat from education protests

06 March 2012
Some 750,000 school and university students marched throughout Spain on Wednesday of last week against government plans to slash education funding.

Spain: Resistance erupts against worst attack on workers since Franco

21 February 2012
Hundreds of thousands of people all over Spain took part in demonstrations called by trade unions in defence of workers’ rights last Sunday.

Spain’s new rulers face pressure over austerity

22 November 2011
Big business is celebrating the absolute majority won by the right wing Popular Party (PP) in Sunday’s elections in Spain.

Market chaos shows the crisis is far from over

22 November 2011
There is huge uncertainty across Europe. Bank shares are plunging, France is facing a possible credit rating downgrade and the markets are falling sharply in France, Spain, Italy and Germany.

More than a million light up the outrage in Spain

18 October 2011
On Saturday more than a million people joined jubilant protests across Spain in another show of strength by the indignados movement.

Activists plan to Occupy London

11 October 2011
Activists plan to bring the spirit of the US and Spanish demos to Britain this Saturday.

Fighting Fascism, Fighting Franco exhibition

11 October 2011
The Mitchell Library in Glasgow is putting on a special one-day event to mark the 75th anniversary of the Spanish Civil War.

Cable Street - they did not pass

27 September 2011
IT was 1936 and fascism was spreading across Europe. Adolf Hitler had become chancellor of Germany. Benito Mussolini had seized control in Italy. Franco was on the march in Spain. And the British Union of Fascists (BUF) was trying to do the same in Britain.

Has the crisis changed the nature of work?

23 August 2011
Young people not in regular work have been significant to the resistance in both Greece and Spain. What do you think is happening?

Franco’s victory was not inevitable

09 August 2011
The victory of General Francisco Franco’s army over the Republican forces in the Spanish Civil War is often presented as inevitable.

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