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Cable Street - they did not pass

27 September 2011
IT was 1936 and fascism was spreading across Europe. Adolf Hitler had become chancellor of Germany. Benito Mussolini had seized control in Italy. Franco was on the march in Spain. And the British Union of Fascists (BUF) was trying to do the same in Britain.

Has the crisis changed the nature of work?

23 August 2011
Young people not in regular work have been significant to the resistance in both Greece and Spain. What do you think is happening?

Franco’s victory was not inevitable

09 August 2011
The victory of General Francisco Franco’s army over the Republican forces in the Spanish Civil War is often presented as inevitable.

How Spain's flames of hope were extinguished

02 August 2011
We showed last week that Spain in 1936 was a country on the brink of revolutionary change. Tragically, forces that the revolutionaries believed were on their side extinguished this flame of hope.

Revolutionary days in Spain

26 July 2011
Spain’s workers successfully threw back an attempted military coup against a radical government in 1936. Their heroic acts were the beginning of three years of bloody fighting for the soul of Spain.

Million march against austerity across Spain

21 June 2011
Around one million people took part in 50 demonstrations all over Spain against austerity, the bankers and the political system last Sunday.

Some of the demonstrations that took place across Spain last Sunday:

21 June 2011

Spain: ‘Nothing will ever be the same’

07 June 2011
The protests sweeping Spain are reaching a crucial point. In the capital, Madrid, arguments rage about what to do next.

Are we divided by generation?

31 May 2011
From the Arab revolutions to the protests sweeping Spain, militant mass mobilisations have had a tremendous impact this year. New activists have been brought into struggle.

Fighting for ‘A future without capitalism’ in Spain

31 May 2011
Thousands of mainly young people are involved in the new movement in Spain. Young people have suffered from poor employment conditions, poor wages and temporary contracts for years.

Spanish activists: ‘We are building bridges between different sections of the movement’

31 May 2011
Miguel: "Mass assemblies take place in the square. These deal with the practical points of what to do the next day or in the next week.

Barcelona resists violent police attack on assembly

31 May 2011
Police violently attacked the protest camp in Barcelona on Friday of last week.

The labyrinth of Spain's history

31 May 2011
In the 1930s, several years before the beginning of the Spanish Civil War the poet Antonio Machado imagined his country as a rusting suit of armour lying on the harsh brown soil of Castile. It was an image of a once imperial power that had lost its empire.

Message from the reclaimed camp in Barcelona: We will not be moved

27 May 2011
An indignant people won’t be moved! Felip Puig must resign!

Not even a super-injunction can stop Spain

24 May 2011

Spain: camped on the streets for jobs and democracy

24 May 2011
Tens of thousands of protesters in towns and cities across Spain have flooded onto the streets.

Spanish protests show the way... Revolt against austerity

24 May 2011
The mass protests that have erupted across Spain against austerity and corruption are an inspiration to people fighting back everywhere.

‘No house, no job, no pension, no fear’ - what lies behind Spanish revolt

24 May 2011
Young people are at the centre of the dramatic Spanish revolt that exploded a week before last Sunday’s municipal and regional elections.

Solidarity with Spanish protests across Britain

24 May 2011
Solidarity protests have sprung up in towns and cities across Britain.

Spanish election is no big victory for the right

24 May 2011
The social-democratic government in Spain has suffered its worst local and regional election result under democracy. It lost 1.5 million votes, polling just 27 percent. Its support, once massive, has collapsed after it adopted harsh austerity measures in response to the economic crisis.

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