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Fantasies, Follies and Disasters: The Prints of Francisco de Goya

06 July 2010
Goya was court painter to the Spanish royals in the 1790s.

In their own words

29 June 2010
‘A commentator in El Pais, a Spanish paper, claims that England’s loss to Germany reflects Thatcherism’s demoralising effects on the English proletariat.’

Spanish unions call general strike for 29 September

15 June 2010
Spain’s two main trade union federations were set to call a general strike as Socialist Worker went to press.

Spanish workers ready to fight ‘savage cuts’

18 May 2010
Spanish workers could be the next group marching onto Europe’s battleground as public sector unions plan to strike against austerity measures on 8 June.

Willie Lee 1939-2010

11 May 2010
Willie Lee, a lifelong socialist who made a big contribution to the Socialist Workers Party, died suddenly while on a walking holiday in northern Spain last week.

Resistance to austerity takes to the streets of Spain

02 March 2010
The European Union has Spain in the firing line as the economic crisis intensifies.

Haiti timeline

19 January 2010
1492 – The islands are "discovered" by explorer Christopher Columbus and claimed for Spain as a colony1697 – What is now Haiti is occupied by France and named Saint-Domingue. The French begin bringing in 20,000 slaves a year to grow sugar cane for export1804 – Haiti win its independence following a slave revolt. It becomes the first black republic in the world. A new constitution is adopted, giving people more rights and freedoms1825 – The new country is forced into paying reparations to France for loss of property during the revolt, keeping it locked in a cycle of debt<


20 October 2009
Don’t fall for bosses’ lies about post strikes Royal Mail bosses are spreading lies about post workers’ "Spanish practices" – lies that the right wing press are only too happy to promote.

Broken Embraces

25 August 2009
Spanish director Pedro Almodovar’s new film Broken Embraces is a homage to his own cinematic influences, and the process and paraphernalia of film-making.

Spanish Flu: The Forgotten Fallen

04 August 2009
With the threat of swine flu on many people’s minds, it is a particularly apt moment for the Spanish Flu: The Forgotten Fallen drama to appear.

Cinema and the Spanish Civil War - BFI

09 June 2009
The BFI’s new season contains films that explore the Spanish Civil War of 1936-9.

The fight against ‘mechanical Marxism’

02 June 2009
In September 1940 a German Jewish refugee committed suicide after he fled occupied France into Spain and was then told he would be turned over to Hitler’s Gestapo.

Guernica: a horror of war that gave us a canvas of genius

07 April 2009
The horror of the aerial bombardment of Guernica, in Spain, by fascist forces on 26 April 1937 drove Pablo Picasso to his canvas.

The Brits Who Fought For Spain

24 March 2009
These two 60 minute documentaries tell the story of seven British people who fought for the Republicans during the Spanish Civil War of 1936-9.

Students protest across Spain

17 March 2009
Tens of thousands of students demonstrated and went on strike all over Spain last Thursday. They were protesting against the imminent imposition of the Bologna Plan – a European Union directive to homogenise university education.

Where now for construction jobs dispute?

10 March 2009
Workers were set to protest on Wednesday of this week at the Staythorpe construction site near Newark in Nottinghamshire and the Isle of Grain site in Kent. The ongoing campaign has targeted Spanish subcontractors at the Alstom company.

Students and revolt

23 January 2009
Greece, Italy, Spain, Ireland. The last two months have seen a new upsurge of student struggles, leading French president Nicolas Sarkozy to recall the student uprising in Paris in May 1968. He warned his fellow rulers of a "European 1968".

Student occupations sweep Spain

06 January 2009

Scotland’s solidarity with Republican Spain

15 December 2008
"If I don’t go out and fight fascism, I’ll just have to wait and fight it here." That was how John Patsy McEwan explained his decision to leave Dundee to go and fight in the Spanish Civil War – alongside hundreds of others.

Spain drops charges against Omar Deghayes and Jamil el-Banna

06 March 2008
Campaigners for British Guantanamo Bay detainees Omar Deghayes and Jamil el-Banna were celebrating today at the news that authorities have dropped attempts to extradite the two men to Spain.

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