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The move to crush possibility of change in Spain

15 May 2007
In May 1937 bloody street fighting broke out in Barcelona. This marked a turning point in the revolution that had erupted in response to the military rising ten months previously.

Hundreds of thousands march against war across the world

24 March 2007
Spain Some of the biggest demonstrations took place in Spain. Hundreds of thousands marched in Madrid and more than 10,000 in Barcelona. Protests involving thousands more took place in many other Spanish cities.

Reports round-up

24 March 2007
European rallies against job cuts Some 40,000 Airbus workers protested last Friday in Germany, France, Spain and Britain against plans by the European aircraft maker to cut one in ten of its workforce of 87,000.

Veteran slams Trident plans on his 100th birthday

17 February 2007
Howard Andrews of Taunton, Somerset, is England’s oldest surviving Spanish Civil War International Brigader (see Socialist Worker, 18 November 2006).

The Angel of History: a vivid reconstruction of Walter Benjamin’s final days

13 January 2007
In September 1940 the Marxist literary critic and essayist Walter Benjamin committed suicide in the Spanish border town of Port Bou.

A veteran’s homage to the Spanish revolt of 1936-9

18 November 2006
Howard Andrews, known as Andy, is Britain’s oldest surviving veteran of the Spanish Civil War of 1936-9. He spoke to Socialist Worker about his extraordinary life and a memorable visit to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the civil war

Velazquez: painting the life of the Spanish empire

21 October 2006
Diego Velazquez is considered Spain’s greatest painter, "the painters’ painter" as Edouard Manet described him, and his influence on subsequent artists is beyond doubt. Painters as different as Francisco Goya, Salvador Dali, Francis Bacon and Pablo Picasso have paid homage to him and painted their own versions of his masterpieces.

Lorca - words of desire and words of defiance

16 September 2006
This year marks the 70th anniversary of the brutal assassination of Federico Garcia Lorca, widely proclaimed to be Spain’s finest writer. He was murdered at the age of 38 by a fascist militia and thrown into an unmarked grave.

Spanish civil war veteran: Alun Menai Williams

22 July 2006
Until recent years very few people knew of his involvement, including his own son. Alun decided to remain silent after being called a "liar" and accused of "Communist propaganda" by a fascist supporter at a meeting in Wales about the bombings of Guernica and Barcelona.

Spanish civil war veteran: Sam Lesser

22 July 2006
Sam Lesser was among the first group of British volunteers that joined the International Brigade, the world force against the fascist leader Franco. "We did what we had to do," he said. At the age of 91 his voice sounds steady and his memories remain intact.

Timeline of the Spanish Revolution

22 July 2006
September 1923King Alfonso XIII scraps parliamentary monarchy, installs a military dictatorship under General Miguel Primo de Rivera.January 1930Faced with rising opposition, Primo de Rivera is replaced.April 1931The left wins local elections. The king flees Spain. Crowds enthusiastically proclaim the new Republic.October 1934Right wing government takes office. Armed miners rise and create the Asturian Commune.

Spanish civil war veteran: Penny Feiwel

22 July 2006
"I didn’t get the sack, I gave them the sack," Penny emphasised proudly. Single and unemployed, she was approached by a "left wing colleague" who explained the situation in Spain.

Fighting the fascists, creating a new world in Spain

22 July 2006
On 18 July 1936, part of the Spanish army, backed by the upper classes and the Catholic church, rose up with the intention of ending the country’s experiment in democracy and social reform (the Second Republic 1931-6).

Barcelona: the culture of revolt

22 July 2006
Could you tell us something about why Barcelona has a distinctive culture within Spain?

Spanish civil war veteran: Jack Jones

22 July 2006
Jack Jones’s political commitment blossomed at an early age. Working in the docks of Liverpool alongside his father, he became active in the union. He was still a schoolboy when he decided to join the Labour Party and at 25 he was elected to the council. By Angeles Rodenas

The Spanish Revolution 1936 to 1939

22 July 2006
Our commemoration of the 70th anniversary of the Spanish Revolution starts with Fighting the fascists, creating a new world by Andy Durgan, historical advisor on Ken Loach's Land and Freedom, examining the politics of the cilvil war.

Spanish civil war veterans: Jack Cummins and Tommy Nicholson

22 July 2006
Jack Cummins Like many others I went to fight in Spain. In July 1936 I was 14 years old and unemployed. I had left school—or rather an orphanage—the previous Easter, had my first job and lost it after joining in my first industrial dispute.

Walter Benjamin and commodity capitalism

08 July 2006
On 15 July 1892, Walter Benjamin was born into a well heeled assimilated Jewish family in Berlin. On 26 September 1940, he was interrupted in his escape to the US from Nazi Germany. Prevented from crossing from Occupied France into Spain, weakened by illness and threatened with being handed over to the Gestapo, he chose suicide.

Under the shadow of US imperialism

03 June 2006
The Philippines archipelago, made up of over 7,000 islands, was "discovered" by the West in 1521 by the Spanish naval adventurer Ferdinand Magellan.

Ojos de Brujo: the new, vital sound of the Spanish city

01 April 2006
"Eyes of the Wizard", Ojos de Brujo in Spanish, are a group of friends who jammed together and turned into a band. They have become known for a sound rooted in flamenco, but mixed with everything – North African rai, rap, Cuban and Indian music.

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