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Spain’s long night of fascism

19 November 2005
Thirty years ago, on 20 November 1975, Spain’s dictator General Francisco Franco died. The last of the dictators from the 1930s, he left behind him 36 years of terror and misery.

G8 Diary

02 July 2005
Friday 1 JulyG8 Alternatives opening rally5.30pm, Queens Hall, Edinburgh University. Speakers include Dennis Brutus, Haidi Giuliani, Bill Speirs, Mark Ruskell, Trevor Ngwane, Eamonn McCann.International Socialist Tendency meeting7.30pm, Gillis Centre, 100 Strathearn Road, Edinburgh EH9. Speakers include Petros Constantinou from Greece’s SEK, Chris Bambery from Socialist Worker, and a speaker from Spain’s En Lucha.

Giovanni Pesce's Testimony

30 April 2005
Giovanni Pesce was born in France to a family of anti-fascist Italian emigres working as miners. He joined the Communist Party and fought in the Spanish Civil War for the International Brigades.

Basque activist detained in Belmarsh prison for four years

26 March 2005
Iñigo Makazaga, who was on hunger strike this week, is one of Britain’s forgotten political prisoners. A Basque activist, he has been locked up in Belmarsh prison for four years because the Spanish government has applied to extradite him. His lawyer, Gareth Peirce, says evidence against him has simply been fabricated — and warns that Iñigo could face torture if he is returned to Spain.

Take a journey to the heart of Turkish culture

05 February 2005
FEAR AND hatred of all things Islamic and Middle Eastern is nothing new. Within a relatively short period of time from the 7th century, Islam spread across the Middle East, North Africa and finally into Europe itself, through Spain. Christendom was threatened and outraged. The Eastern Roman Empire faced a new foe — a new "barbarian at the gates".

Egypt: Poisoned by their bosses and then denied their pay

04 December 2004
WORKERS EMPLOYED by the Egyptian-Spanish Company for Asbestos Products in Cairo began a sit-in at the company on Saturday 20 November.

‘A local and global battle’

16 October 2004
I'M FROM the University of Barcelona. There are some 650 of us here from Barcelona and some 1,000 from all over Spain, including activists from Madrid and Bilbao.

Equatorial Guinea and the scrabble for oil deposits

04 September 2004
None of the great powers gave a damn for Equatorial Guinea’s 500,000 people when the country became independent from Spain in 1968.

A prize to keep the movement

24 April 2004
TONY BLAIR has faced another stark choice over the last few days. He could stick with his fellow war criminal George Bush and slide deeper into the blood and horror of Iraq. Or he could follow the Spanish government and withdraw troops as quickly as possible.

Rising resistance is hitting the occupation

10 April 2004
\"THEY HAVE crossed the line,\" declared Paul Bremer, the US ruler of Iraq, on Sunday. He was raging against demonstrators in the town of Najaf who clashed with Spanish-led occupation troops. The occupation troops shot down around 20 Iraqis. At least two occupying soldiers, one from El Salvador and one from the US, were killed.

Evidence grows of Aznar's Spanish lie

03 April 2004
THERE IS further proof that Spain's former prime minister Jose Maria Aznar lied when he announced the Basque separatist group ETA was behind the bombings in Madrid. Police officers and firefighters involved in the rescue told the Financial Times last week that they knew immediately ETA could not have carried out the bombing.

When Spain revolted

27 March 2004
CHRISTIAN HOGSBJERG reviews the play Homage to Catalonia, based on George Orwell's book of that name, and MIGUEL ARIAS recommends Orwell's original account of revolution in Barcelona.

The only democrats they can live with

27 March 2004
A DIFFERENT election, a different result and a different response. Senior figures in the White House couldn't wait to pour abuse on Spanish voters for daring to kick out Bush and Blair's friend (and their equal in the lying stakes) Jose Maria Aznar.

Millions on the march

27 March 2004
ANTI-WAR campaigners around the globe protested on 20 March after a call went out at this year's World Social Forum in India. The example set by Spain's anti-war movement inspired marchers in Italy. Two million filled the streets of Rome chanting "Berlusconi's next!"

Your chance to hit at Blair

20 March 2004
SPAIN'S ELECTORATE shocked the world by voting out its pro-war government on Sunday. There is no mainstream party you can vote for in Britain that has been unequivocally against the war. The Tories backed the war, the Lib Dems supported the war once it started.

The roots of ETA

20 March 2004
SPAIN'S TORY government tried to blame ETA for the Madrid explosions as part of its attempt to hang on to power using Spanish nationalism in a completely reactionary manner. Under the Spanish republic established in 1931 Catalonia and the Basque country had their own governments. Franco's fascists destroyed this independence when they overthrew the republic in the civil war of 1936-9.

Millions tell Aznar, 'The blood is ours. The war is yours'

20 March 2004
'NO WAR! No war!" the crowd chanted as the Socialist Party leader, Zapatero, made his acceptance speech in Madrid on Sunday. They did so as a shock election result in Spain removed from office the Tory Popular Party of Aznar. Aznar was the one of the key European leaders who most backed the war against Iraq, and a year ago posed with Bush and Blair in the Azores as they launched that war.

Spain's people grasp the genuine connections

20 March 2004
"THIS IS not the time for politics. We must show our unity against the terrorists, regardless of class or party." So proclaimed all the mainstream politicians in Spain and Britain after last week's bombings. But the governments supporting last year's war did not lose one minute in trying to squeeze the political advantage for themselves.

Sink Blair

20 March 2004
Spanish voters kick out Bush's other ally

What Spain's right wing hoped to gain

20 March 2004
THE TERRORIST attacks in Madrid, placed in three local trains, took place around 7.30am last Thursday. Most of the victims were commuting to work and school. The aim of the terrorists, according to the police, was to blow up the trains inside Atocha's station and bring down the whole building.

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