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Catalonian independence hangs in the balance as Puigdemont hesitates

26 October 2017
 The Spanish state is on the attack. Only radical measures can repulse the assault.

Protesters say “don't give into the Spanish state”

26 October 2017
Catalan president Carles Puigdemont seems ready to bow to pressure from the Spanish state by dissolving parliament for new elections.

Catalan struggle can damage smug bosses

24 October 2017
“When the first reports of serious disorders in Catalonia were reaching Madrid, the English ambassador wrote home that he saw ‘nothing in the business that is hard to settle’.”

Half a million demonstrate in Barcelona against Spanish state’s crackdown

22 October 2017
Around half a million people demonstrated in Barcelona on Saturday.

Breaking point in Catalonia as Spanish state begins push for direct rule

19 October 2017
The political crisis between the government of the Spanish state and Catalonia has deepened again.

Movement back on the streets in Catalonia

17 October 2017
The Spanish state could regain the upper hand if the mass movement is demobilised, writes Dave Sewell

Updated: Solidarity call after Puigdemont betrays hopes of Catalan independence

10 October 2017
Catalan president Carles Puigdemont has betrayed the hopes of the movement for independence from Spain by saying that “dialogue” must come first.

Catalan movement needs to stay on streets to beat right

10 October 2017
The Spanish state is fighting tooth and nail to undermine any declaration of independence by the Catalan government. It will take the power of the working class to win

Mariano Rajoy’s repression in Spain props up the European Union too

09 October 2017
“When one joins the civil guard, one declares civil war,” wrote the novelist Ramon Sender in 1936, the year his native Spain disintegrated into war.

After Catalonia’s independence referendum - national struggles, Marxism and class

09 October 2017
Some on the left see battles for independence as dividing workers, while others back them as fights for liberation. Dave Sewell looks at how to judge national struggles

Workers’ mobilisation can help to win the next crucial test for Catalan independence

07 October 2017
The government of Catalonia is days away from a decisive test. It has a clear mandate from voters to declare independence from Spain—and a threat from the Spanish government to shut it down if it doesn’t drop the idea.

GALLERY - Workers stage a general strike in Catalonia

03 October 2017
Workers staged a general strike in Catalonia on Tuesday of this week, following a huge vote for independence on Sunday.

Our rulers are violent hypocrites

03 October 2017
 The Spanish state has responded to the Catalan independence referendum with violence.

General strike in Catalonia exploits the tensions at the top of the Spanish state

03 October 2017
Catalonia was shut down today, Tuesday, by a general strike of workers and a “stoppage of the nation” by civil society.

Mass protests against police violence during the Catalan referendum hit Barcelona

02 October 2017
Monster demonstrations involving tens of thousands in Barcelona took place in front of town halls around Catalonia today, Monday.

GALLERY - Scenes from Barcelona on the day of the Catalan referendum

02 October 2017
Sunday's independence referendum in Catalonia saw ordinary people organise to resist state repression - and protect the right to vote

Eyewitness from Barcelona - ‘We‘ve defied repression in Catalonia independence vote’

01 October 2017
Catalonia’s independence referendum – outlawed by the Spanish state – took place on Sunday. As voting closed, activist David Karvala spoke to Socialist Worker from outside a polling station in Barcelona

Catalans say they will resist repression ahead of independence referendum

30 September 2017
Millions of people in Catalonia are set to defy the police and the state to vote on independence from Spain today, Sunday.

GALLERY - Thousands join protests in Catalonia ahead of independence referendum

29 September 2017
The Spanish government is facing a deep political crisis as people in Catalonia defy its attempts to crush a referendum on independence due to take place on Sunday. 

Mass protests of students, workers and farmers defy repression in Catalonia

29 September 2017
The Spanish government faces increasing defiance to its attempts to crush a referendum on independence in Catalonia.

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