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Catalan movement rocks the Spanish state to its core

26 September 2017
The Spanish government is facing a deep political crisis as people in Catalonia defy its attempts to crush a referendum on independence.

Protests against Catalan clampdown plunge Spanish state into crisis

22 September 2017
The Spanish government is facing a deep political crisis as people in Catalonia defy attempts to crush a referendum on independence.

Battle is on as Spanish state tries to repress Catalan independence vote

18 September 2017
The Spanish state is trying to prevent people in Catalonia from voting in a referendum on Catalan independence on 1 October.

Million march for Catalonian independence

12 September 2017
Supporters of Catalan independence responded to new harassment by the Spanish government with a million-strong march on Monday.

Spanish Tory government is hounded on its own march

28 August 2017
Activists in Barcelona made sure a protest in response to terror attacks opposed war and racism, reports Maria Dantas

Muslims and anti-racists in Barcelona won't let far right exploit terror attack

19 August 2017
Muslims, anti-racists and anti-fascists are organising in Catalonia to resist any Islamophobic backlash after terrorist attacks on Thursday night

European Union crackdown drives refugees to Spain on new dangerous sea route

15 August 2017
The number of refugees crossing the sea to Spain has tripled in a year. And in other international news Israeli army officers have talked up the possibility of a new war on Palestinians

Catalonia independence referendum defies Spanish state ban

13 June 2017
The Catalan government in Barcelona has called a referendum on independence—defying a ban by the Spanish government in Madrid.

Reports round-up

23 May 2017
Around 50 anti-fascists turned out in Brighton to see off French Front National candidate Tony Thommes.

Imagine Moscow: How Stalin debased the design of revolution and other exhibitions

23 May 2017
Imagine Moscow exhibition showing until 4 June at The Design Museum London, W8 6AG

Absurd Gibraltar bluster reveals what ‘kind of people’ the Tories really are

04 April 2017
A succession of Tories have threatened to go to war to “defend” Gibraltar, the British possession on the southern tip of the Spanish state.

Hundreds of thousands march in Barcelona to say ‘refugees welcome’

21 February 2017
Up to 300,000 people marched in Barcelona last Saturday demanding the Spanish state welcome more refugees.

Millions of students join national strike in Spain

01 November 2016
School and college students struck and protested across the Spanish state last week against exams they fear will bring back the elitism of former dictator Francisco Franco.

Compromises on the left set to help the Tories form a new government in Spain

20 October 2016
A leadership coup inside the Spanish equivalent of the Labour Party may have restored the Spanish Tories to office.

The left’s advance stalls in Spanish election disappointment

27 June 2016
The results of the general elections in the Spanish state yesterday, Sunday, brought disappointment for the left.

Left set to make gains in new Spanish election

15 June 2016
A new left alliance is poised to replace the Labour-type Socialist Party (PSOE) as the main force on the parliamentary left in the coming Spanish election.

Deadlock continues in Spanish state

02 February 2016
The Spanish state’s four leading political parties met with its king on Monday and Tuesday of last week to break the deadlock produced by elections six weeks ago.

Catalonia set for new elections after failing to form new government

05 January 2016
Catalonia’s parliament looked set to call new elections after failing to form a government last Sunday.

The left is the real winner of Spanish elections as two party system crumbles

21 December 2015
Elections last Sunday brought political instability--with big gains for left party Podemos, no prospect of a stable government, and a potentially decisive role for Catalan nationalists. The real test will be deepening resistance, argues Andy Durgan

Poor choice for voters in the Spanish State as Podemos shifts to the right

15 December 2015
Andy Durgan looks at the roots of the political crisis gripping Spain—and says this month’s election won’t resolve the turmoil

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