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Europe rocked by general strikes in Portugal, Italy, Spain, Greece

14 November 2012
Workers walked out today in general strikes across Portugal, Spain, Italy and Greece as well as parts of Belgium.

General strike bites in cities across Spain and Portugal

14 November 2012
The general strike against austerity began in Spain and Portugal in the middle of last night, with picket lines at bin, bus and post depots.

Protests and strikes across Europe can beat austerity

13 November 2012
Workers in Spain and Portugal planned to walk out in their first ever joint general strike on Wednesday of this week.

14 November will be a day of strikes across southern Europe

30 October 2012
Millions of workers in Portugal, Spain, Italy and Greece are set to walk out together in less than two weeks time, in an unprecedented general strike across southern Europe.

Spanish workers get ready for general strike against Rajoy

23 October 2012
Next month’s general strike, set to take place on 14 November, will be the second against the government of conservative Mariano Rajoy, after 10 million workers came out on 29 March.

Occupy London stages anniversary protest

16 October 2012
Hundreds of people turned out at St Paul’s Cathedral last Saturday to celebrate the first anniversary of Occupy London. They heard speakers from Greece, Spain and the student movement in Quebec before marching to City Hall.

Workers strike against austerity across Europe

02 October 2012
Spanish prime minister Mariano Rajoy’s government must feel under siege. And on Tuesday of last week it was literally besieged, as more than 40,000 people surrounded the Congress building in Madrid.

The debt crisis spreads from Greece across Europe

02 October 2012
France, Greece, Italy, Portugal, and—last but not least—Spain. A storm of anti-austerity protest has been sweeping through Europe.

Guy Smallman's pictures of the mass protests in Madrid

26 September 2012
Hundreds of thousands of protesters laid siege to the Spanish congress building in Madrid on Tuesday in the country’s latest mass mobilisation against austerity.

Cuts and crisis fuel Catalan mood to go it alone

25 September 2012
Among its many problems, Spain’s right wing government faces a mass revolt for Catalan independence.

Anti-austerity marchers take to the streets in Spain and Portugal

15 September 2012
There were massive demonstrations against austerity in Spain and Portugal today (Saturday).

International news round-up

07 August 2012
Spanish miners end their strike The majority of Spanish miners have ended their solid all-out strike and returned to work. The 8,000 miners, from the north western Asturias region, walked out against government cuts to coal subsidies.

Strikers march in Madrid as economy shrinks further

31 July 2012
Government workers marched through the Spanish capital Madrid on Monday of this week while striking against the cuts.

Eurozone leaders panic as bailouts fail to stem crisis

31 July 2012
A coordinated eurozone bailout of Spain’s economy looks increasingly likely. But there is also deep confusion about when and how this could happen.

Protests against austerity cuts erupt across Spain

20 July 2012
Massive demonstrations against austerity rocked cities across Spain on Thursday night.

Spirit of revolt spreads across Spain

17 July 2012
The miners’ struggle in Spain has become a focus for the fight against austerity.

Striking miners march on Madrid and say: 'We can be the spark!'

17 July 2012
We didn’t expect such an amazing reception when we marched into Madrid on Tuesday. I didn’t dare to dream that it would be like that. The sheer size of the march meant we could barely move.

The miners of Asturias and their long history of struggle

17 July 2012
In the region of Asturias, north western Spain, most of the country’s coal mines are to be found. On banners or painted on pit village walls three dates symbolise the fight of these workers—1934, 1962 and 2012.

The madness of Spain's rulers

17 July 2012
The 63 percent cut in mining subsidies and attacks on workers has been implemented by a right-wing Popular Party (PP) government that despises working class people.

Miners spark wave of militant workers' protests across Spain

15 July 2012
Spain has been rocked this week by a wave of resistance by workers and unemployed activists. They are protesting at a £50 billion cuts package announced by Mariano Rajoy, the country’s right wing prime minister.

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