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Murdoch hacking case

More embarrassing texts from David Cameron's editor chum

06 November 2012
David Cameron faces fresh calls to release 150 unseen messages he shared with former News International boss Rebekah Brooks, and her colleagues.

Did News International order burglary of Hillsborough campaigner’s home?

15 September 2012
Hillsborough campaigner Sheila Coleman’s home was broken into more than once—and her address book and papers about the case stolen. The question is: who did it?

We're definitely in this together - LOL!

19 June 2012
David Cameron gave evidence to the Leveson inquiry last week. He said, "I can’t remember if it was me or someone else, who suggested, come on, there’s nothing to hide here, just answer the question."

Leveson Inquiry: Rich don't need deals

12 June 2012
David Cameron is likely to forget more than where he left his daughter this week. The Tory toff is set to give evidence at the Leveson inquiry after Socialist Worker went to press.

Did Andy Coulson lie in Sheridan trial?

05 June 2012
David Cameron’s former spin doctor Andy Coulson was arrested and charged with perjury by Strathclyde Police on Wednesday of last week.

What's behind Warsi stories?

05 June 2012
Tory Party chairman Lady Warsi faces an inquiry into breaches of the ministerial code.

Cameron clings to Hunt - but can't escape hacking scandal

05 June 2012
David Cameron is clinging tightly to culture secretary Jeremy Hunt. He hopes that by keeping Hunt in office the hacking scandal will stay one step removed from him.

Andy Coulson charged with perjury over Sheridan trial

31 May 2012
David Cameron’s former spin doctor Andy Coulson was charged with perjury last night (Wednesday) over evidence he gave on oath while working for the Tories.

A cabinet of sleaze right up to the top

29 May 2012
Sleaze and scandal stalk this government. David Cameron is under pressure and is desperate to avoid being caught in the mire. But it’s getting harder for him to do so.

The Untouchables - corruption in the Met police

29 May 2012
Eight years ago Laurie Flynn and Michael Gillard wrote The Untouchables. It exposed the police corruption at the heart of Scotland Yard—and the criminal links between cops, News International and politicians.

'The political pollution of the Met is extraordinary'

29 May 2012
The hackgate scandal has often focused on the hacking of celebrities’ mobile phones and emails. But the reason that it has caused such a stir among the political class is because it exposes the corruption that runs through the British establishment.

A history of collusion, corruption and whitewash

29 May 2012
The corridors of power at Scotland Yard swirl with unlimited self-regard. Scandal leads to closing ranks and the odd scapegoat being charged, a larger number of officers retiring or transferring and an inquiry that produces a whitewash.

Tories' panic mounts as Cameron's chum Rebekah Brooks charged

15 May 2012
Tory Prime minister David Cameron’s close friends are to be charged with perverting the course of justice.

Tories in the spotlight at Leveson inquiry

08 May 2012
The Tories are worried about the evidence that was due to be produced this week at the Leveson inquiry. They have demanded that senior ministers be allowed to see evidence from Rebekah Brooks and Andy Coulson in advance.

Tim: Murdoch at the Leveson inquiry

01 May 2012

No deal? Murdoch didn't even have to ask

01 May 2012
David Cameron covered up his meetings with Rupert Murdoch.

Know your enemy: James Murdoch

01 May 2012
James Murdoch, Junior media baron

The minister in the Murdochs’ pocket

01 May 2012
Culture secretary Jeremy Hunt colluded with James Murdoch to push through the controversial £8 billion Sky deal.

Murdoch scandal: links to an unsolved murder

01 May 2012
The police and the Crown Prosecution Service have completed a report into the collapse of a murder trial last year.

New scandal hits Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation

27 March 2012
Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation is accused of giving a hacking website the information needed to produce smart cards that offered free access to a rival pay-TV broadcaster.

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