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Murdoch hacking case

Murdoch's empire is skewered after grilling

19 July 2011
Rupert Murdoch squirmed on the hook as he was questioned in parliament on Tuesday.

Cameron must go! - they’re all in it together

19 July 2011
The entire establishment is drowning in a swamp of corruption and cover-ups—and Tory prime minister David Cameron is at the centre of it.

Michael Gove got cash from Murdoch

19 July 2011
News International paid Tory education secretary Michael Gove £5,000 a month for one hour a week’s work as a journalist. That’s £1,250 an hour.

Jean Charles De Menezes family hacked

19 July 2011
The family of Jean Charles De Menezes, the man killed by police on the London Underground in 2005, had their phones hacked by the Murdoch empire. Malicious lies about Jean appeared in the press.

Met commissioner Paul Stephenson resigns in disgrace

19 July 2011
Paul Stephenson lasted just two and a half years as Metropolitan Police Commissioner before he, like his predecessor Ian Blair, resigned in disgrace.

London meeting called on Murdoch, Cameron, police crisis

18 July 2011
What began as the "phone hacking" scandal has grown to engulf three key pillars of the establishment: the Murdoch media empire, the Metropolitan police and the Tory government.

Join protest when Murdoch appears at parliament

15 July 2011
The accelerating scandal of the police, the politcians and the press will focus on Parliament next Tuesday, 19 July, when the Murdochs and (resigned) Rebekah Brooks appear before a select committee.

Tommy Sheridan’s conviction should be overturned

12 July 2011
Revelations about the illegal activities of News International have given new hope to supporters of jailed Scottish Socialist leader Tommy Sheridan.

Background: Wapping let Murdoch off leash

12 July 2011
Rupert Murdoch broke the print unions with his move to fortress Wapping in 1986.

News of the World: Right wing rag that waged war on poor

12 July 2011
The News of the World hated working class people.

Police inquiry into hacking was ‘pretty crap’

12 July 2011
One of the top cops who was supposed to investigate the News of the World phone hacking scandal has admitted his decision not to pursue the investigation was "pretty crap".

We can’t trust the capitalist media to hold power to account

12 July 2011
The News International scandal has exposed the general corruption of the mainstream media.

Toxic rot goes right to the top

12 July 2011
The News International phone hacking scandal has revealed the poison coursing through the veins of the establishment.

Cops, MPs and the courts protected Murdoch

12 July 2011
At a drive-through McDonald’s in east London, News of the World journalists would hand over the wads of cash to police officers in return for information.

Murdoch's empire grew and grew

12 July 2011
News Corp is an enormous multinational with media and entertainment outlets across the globe.

The corrupt heart of Murdoch’s empire

12 July 2011
Media tycoon Rupert Murdoch’s motto is "Expand or die"—and it seems to have served him well. Murdoch is one of the most powerful men in the world. His News Corporation owns newspapers, television and radio stations spanning five continents, including the disgraced News of the World in Britain.

Are we brainwashed by Murdoch and friends?

12 July 2011
Politicians are terrified of Rupert Murdoch.

News of the World scandal shakes establishment

08 July 2011
The edifice of stability at the top of British society is shaken. The scandal of journalists hacking into phones is rocking the establishment. Rupert Murdoch's huge media empire is in crisis and has closed one of its flagship titles—the News of the World.

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