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Tories’ punishment and privatisation fuels crisis in prisons

Tories’ punishment and privatisation fuels crisis in prisons Prison riots that broke out last week put the spotlight on the overcrowded jail conditions in England and Wales under Tory rule. Simon Basketter investigates

Revolt in France over police violence and rape

Revolt in France over police violence and rape Protests have shaken France this week after the brutal actions of police assaulting and raping a young black man with a truncheon.

Why marching matters: the power of protest

Why marching matters: the power of protest After two weeks of mass resistance to new US president Donald Trump, Simon Basketter looks at the power of protests and where it can lead

2011 rioters were rising up against injustice

2011 rioters were rising up against injustice Five years after the summer riots, Alistair Farrow takes aim at claims that they were just ‘mindless’

Cameron’s contempt for the poor

David Cameron launched a fresh attack on poor people this week, in the name of helping them.

Historic documents reveal bigotry at the heart of Thatcher’s government

Historic documents reveal bigotry at the heart of Thatcher’s government Newly released 30 year old government documents reveal a world of racism and scheming from Cameron’s pals. Simon Basketter unearths the facts

Flames of revolt in France—ten years after the riots

03 November 2015
What triggered the revolts, and what was the court’s verdict on these events?

Cherry Groce's family to sue the Met police

11 August 2015
Cherry Groce's family, who her shooting led to the Brixton riots 1985, to sue the Metropolitan Police for the damage caused to them after she was paralysed

Thatcher's downfall - 25 years since the poll tax riot

31 March 2015
The anti poll tax riot in 1990 helped oust Margaret Thatcher. The movement also struck a blow against everyone who said it was impossible to fight back, argues Sadie Robinson

Let's finish the fight for LGBT liberation that the Stonewall riots kickstarted

10 February 2015
The Stonewall Riots of 1969 heralded the birth of the fight for LGBT liberation in the US and Britain says Ellie May. 

Little Revolution: Riot play shines a light on the class divide in British society

09 September 2014
Voices from people in Hackney make Little Revolution, about the 2011 riots, an antidote to those who dismissed them as ‘criminality’, argues Brian Richardson

Cops knew of 'failings' within months of Cherry Groce’s shooting

15 July 2014
Police failings contributed to the death of Dorothy “Cherry” Groce, an inquest jury has found.

Nicky Jacobs trial: 'It was a matter of any black man will do' says Winston Silcott

15 April 2014
Nicky Jacobs was found not guilty of the murder of PC Keith Blakelock last week. One of the Tottenham Three, Winston Silcott, spoke to Annette Mackin about the system’s racism

Court in Nicky Jacobs trial hears that officer 'overlooked lies' about Blakelock murder

01 April 2014
A police officer was accused of overlooking “glaring inconsistencies and blatant lies” about PC Keith Blakelock’s murder.

Police shot unarmed Mark Duggan, but his killing 'lawful'

14 January 2014
The family of Mark Duggan reacted with shock and fury to the decision of an inquest jury into his killing by police on Wednesday of last week. 

Questions over how gun was 'thrown'

14 January 2014
The jury ruled by nine to one that it was more likely than not that Mark threw a gun to where one was found 7.34 metres away from where he was shot.

Mark's killer gets to keep his police gun

14 January 2014
Armed police officers have shot and killed 54 people in England and Wales in the last 23 years. The Metropolitan Police has been responsible for 21 of those killings. 

Shameful media attack on grieving Duggan family

14 January 2014
After the jury returned its conclusion of “lawful killing” sections of the media immediately launched a poisonous assault on Mark Duggan and his family.

Officer who shot Mark Duggan was in ‘an extreme rage’

15 October 2013
The taxi driver who was driving Mark Duggan before police shot him has said that the cops were behaving as though “they had come to hunt someone”.

Did Duggan cop plant gun?

24 September 2013
A witness into the shooting of Mark Duggan is to tell the inquest into his death that she saw police “plant” a gun near the site of the shooting. Police shot and killed Mark in August 2011. The witness is known as Miss J. She claims that she saw an officer take a gun from a shoebox in a minicab and put it on the grass metres away from where Mark’s body was lying.

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