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Harsher sentences for rioters

30 July 2013
Judges and magistrates were directed to ignore sentencing guidelines for those accused of involvement in the riots of the summer of 2011.

Young people in Sweden revolt against austerity and racism

28 May 2013
Åsa Hjalmers reports on the riots that have shaken Sweden’s capital Stockholm over the past week

Victory in deportation right to stay

07 May 2013
Two people who took part in the 2011 riots have successfully fought against deportation.

Justice for Mark Duggan

31 July 2012
The police shooting of Mark Duggan in Tottenham sparked riots on 4 August 2011 when local people went to the police station to demand answers.

Mark Duggan probe delay

13 December 2011
The Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) investigation into the shooting of Mark Duggan won’t be finished until April 2012.

Revealed: August riots were motivated by anger at police

06 December 2011
When riots broke out in August, the Tories and the press rushed to explain them away. It was just looting by gang members, they declared, or "criminality, pure and simple" as David Cameron put it.

Mark Duggan wasn’t armed when police killed him

22 November 2011
Police killed Mark Duggan in August in Tottenham, north London. The investigation into his death is in chaos.

New figures show poverty at heart of riots

25 October 2011
David Cameron declared "all-out war on gang culture" after the August riots. But the latest government statistics show only 13 percent of those arrested were part of a gang.

Judge upholds ‘severe’ jail terms for Facebook messages

18 October 2011
People sentenced to some of the harshest jail terms after the summer riots have lost their appeals.

Riots - cops go for the usual suspects

20 September 2011
The media has pounced on statistics from the Ministry of Justice claiming three quarters of rioters in court so far already had a criminal record.

Anger at south London eviction threats

06 September 2011
Residents and activists are campaigning against threats by two south London councils to evict families of people convicted over the riots.

Riots: ‘One law for the rich−one for the poor’

06 September 2011
Defence campaigns are starting to take shape for the thousands of young people who face jail over the recent riots.

'It's no wonder riots happened'

06 September 2011
Sadie lives on the riot-hit Pembury estate. She told the Hackney meeting:

Harshest riot sentence yet

30 August 2011
A man has been jailed for four years and eight months in what is believed to be the harshest riot-related sentence so far.

‘Feeding frenzy’ in courts after riots

30 August 2011
A man has been jailed for 16 months—for "looting" an ice cream during the riots.

Riots: Harshest sentence yet as dozens more rushed through courts

25 August 2011
A man has been jailed for four years and eight months in what is believed to be the harshest riot-related sentence so far.

Post riot evictions: Standing against the injustice

23 August 2011
Local campaigners protested on Thursday of last week against plans to evict rioters’ relatives from their council houses in south London.

Was riot reporting part of the problem?

23 August 2011
Tony Evans, a sports writer for the Times newspaper, told a National Union of Journalists meeting last week "It has been a particularly grim period for journalism. I found it staggering, the way the news presenters were editorialising.

Post riot raids: ‘This could happen to anyone’

23 August 2011
Dozens of armed police smashed their way into a man’s home last week—and claimed they’d had a tip-off that he was a looter.

Tottenham defence co-ordinating campaign meeting

19 August 2011
Activists in Tottenham, north London, will meet tomorrow (Tuesday) to help co-ordinate campaigning activities for people coming up in court after the riots.

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