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Post riot raids: ‘This could happen to anyone’

23 August 2011
Dozens of armed police smashed their way into a man’s home last week—and claimed they’d had a tip-off that he was a looter.

Post riot evictions: Standing against the injustice

23 August 2011
Local campaigners protested on Thursday of last week against plans to evict rioters’ relatives from their council houses in south London.

Was riot reporting part of the problem?

23 August 2011
Tony Evans, a sports writer for the Times newspaper, told a National Union of Journalists meeting last week "It has been a particularly grim period for journalism. I found it staggering, the way the news presenters were editorialising.

Tottenham defence co-ordinating campaign meeting

19 August 2011
Activists in Tottenham, north London, will meet tomorrow (Tuesday) to help co-ordinate campaigning activities for people coming up in court after the riots.

What next in Tottenham?

16 August 2011
Up to 200 people gathered for a meeting on Monday night about the riots in Tottenham.

‘Give our kids a future’, demands 2,000-strong march across London

16 August 2011
The Tories claim that Britain is united against the rioters. But while there is a backlash, many people have defended young people and opposed the police crackdown.

‘Rioting is the only voice we have that they will listen to’

16 August 2011
The riots have lifted the lid on the routine police harassment, racism and deprivation that is the daily life of thousands of young people in Britain.

Elite’s hypocrisy—they are the real criminals

16 August 2011
Just as MPs hoped they could hide behind the media frenzy over riots, the hacking scandal has returned with a vengeance.

Birmingham comes together

16 August 2011
In Birmingham, where three young Muslim men died after being hit by a car during the riots, there were fears that it might stir up animosity between Asian and African‑Caribbean people.

Courts dole out rushed revenge after riots

15 August 2011
The courts have launched an onslaught against poor, working class people in the aftermath of the riots that swept British cities.

Socialist Workers Party statement on the riots

13 August 2011
<a href="">Click here to download this statement as a leaflet</a>

Angry and defiant meeting in Tottenham

11 August 2011
African-Caribbean, white and asian people came together at the Socialist Workers Party public meeting 'From riot to revolution' in Tottenham last night (Wednesday).

Reports from the urban revolt spreading across Britain

10 August 2011
The rising against Tory Britain continued last night, Tuesday.

Riots: ‘One of the most powerful expressions of anger for decades’

09 August 2011
The killing of Mark Duggan is the straw that broke the camel’s back.

More police means more trouble

09 August 2011
From the Tory right to the liberals, politicians are calling for the government to arm the police further in order to crush the rioters.

How the riots spread across Britain

09 August 2011
By Monday evening the rioting had spread outside London.

How police killed Mark Duggan

09 August 2011
Mark Duggan was killed by the police on Thursday of last week in north London.

Alex Wheatle: ‘The anger that caused the riots has never gone away’

09 August 2011
"This timebomb has been ticking for a long time.

Poverty and racism shape life in Tottenham

09 August 2011
Tottenham in Haringey is shaped by poverty and lack of opportunity. It is fuelling the anger behind the riots.

Politicians are the real looters

09 August 2011
The political establishment, or those bits that have returned from holiday, has lined up to condemn the riots.

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