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Pictures from eviction of Occupy London camp at St Paul's

28 February 2012

St Paul's Occupy camp prepares for threatened eviction

22 February 2012
St Paul's Occupy camp prepares for threatened eviction

Attack on Occupy Oakland sparks new protests

04 February 2012
Thousands marched in 27 cities around the US last Sunday in solidarity with Occupy Oakland in California.

Occupy London and the courts

24 January 2012
Occupy London activists are currently involved in two ongoing legal processes.

Occupy London told to face eviction—but you can’t evict an idea

18 January 2012
Occupy London protesters camped outside St Paul’s cathedral have been told they will be evicted next Friday unless they win the right to appeal.

Cops clear tent camp in London

17 January 2012
Police have cleared away the Democracy Village camp in Parliament Square in London.

Video: A Christmas Day message from Occupy London

25 December 2011
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John's Occupy London Diary

13 December 2011
The City is taking us to court from 19 to 23 December, and then we will know if we will be evicted. But it’s not over yet.

Occupy London's 'Bank of Ideas' survives its day in court

07 December 2011
Occupy activists squatting a disused UBS bank building in London, now known as the Bank of Ideas, scored a major legal victory today (Wednesday).

John's Occupy London Diary: ‘Occupy everywhere on 15 December’

06 December 2011
Occupy London activists backed the 30 November public sector strikes by marching to Lincoln’s Inn Fields to join the main London demonstration.

John’s Occupy London diary

28 November 2011
"Over the past week we’ve been given a date for Occupy London’s court date. This is part of the City of London’s attempts to evict the camp.

Anger as New York police attack Occupy Wall Street camp

15 November 2011
The general mood in New York right now is of anger and resolve. Since the start of OWS we have been preparing for police eviction. So this was partially a surprise—but also really not. An emergency response network had been established via text messages, which immediately alerted the community.

Occupy movement faces repression across US

15 November 2011
A wave of repression came down on the Occupy movement across the US last weekend. Police evicted Occupy Denver in Colorado.

New York activists respond to Occupy Wall Street evictions

15 November 2011
Eric Fretz is a socialist activist based in New York who is involved with Occupy Wall Street (OWS). "I got word in the early hours of Tuesday morning that the OWS encampment had been raided by police," he told Socialist Worker.

Thousands support Occupy protest in Frankfurt

15 November 2011
Some 10,000 demonstrators encircled the banking sector of Frankfurt in Germany last Saturday. The atmosphere was exuberant. Another 8,000 took to the streets in Berlin.

London occupy faces legal action

15 November 2011
Marxist author David Harvey came to speak at the Occupy London protest camp outside St Paul’s cathedral last Saturday. He had previously written in support of the Occupy movement.

Occupy London's march on parliament

08 November 2011
Over 2,000 people marched from Occupy London’s St Paul’s Cathedral camp to Parliament Square last Saturday. It was part of a day of action to spread the occupation’s message to the public. The City of London and the cathedral now say they will not move protesters until after Christmas.

Occupy Oakland strikes back

08 November 2011
The city of Oakland in northern California, home of the fifth largest port in the US, saw incredible scenes on Wednesday evening last week. More than 15,000 people descended on the port to shut it down as part of the first strike to be called by the Occupy movement.

Occupy protests keep on growing

08 November 2011
There are now at least 15 occupations underway across Britain—in Bath, Birmingham, Bournemouth, Bradford, Brighton, Bristol, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Glasgow, the Isle of Wight, London Stock Exchange, London Finsbury Square, Newcastle, Norwich, Nottingham, Plymouth and Sheffield.

Occupy London protesters defy police to march on parliament

06 November 2011
Activists marched from Occupy London's St Paul's Cathedral camp to Parliament Square yesterday (Saturday). Some 2,000 set off with the main march at 3pm, while several hundred more dodged their way past police to reach the destination.

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