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Occupy London camp debates New Year ‘eviction deadline’

03 November 2011
Activists at Occupy London outside St Paul’s Cathedral gathered to discuss their response to the latest talks with the City of London last night, Wednesday.

Occupy London camp defies eviction threats

01 November 2011
The row over attempts to remove London’s main Occupy camp outside St Paul’s Cathedral intensified this week.

City threatens Occupy London camp

01 November 2011
Activists at the Occupy London protest outside St Paul’s Cathedral are facing the continued threat of forcible eviction.

Oakland gears up for a general strike

01 November 2011
Occupy Oakland’s call for a general strike on 2 November has transformed the political climate in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Occupy London camp defiant over eviction threat

31 October 2011
The row over attempts to remove London's main Occupy camp intensified as the dean of St Paul's, Graeme Knowles, resigned on Monday afternoon. The Occupy the Stock Exchange camp outside St Paul's Cathedral is still going strong, but now faces legal proceedings to evict it.

London occupiers: ‘We’re here to stay’

25 October 2011
The Occupy London camp outside St Paul’s Cathedral is digging in for the long haul.

London occupiers set up 'truly free' university

25 October 2011
"There’s a new university in London—and it’s free," says Kitty, a postgraduate student at London School of Economics and part of the camp’s Tent City University working group.

From Sydney to Lahore, protest camps continue to grow

25 October 2011
Police raided the camp in Melbourne’s central square in Australia on Friday of last week. They used pepper spray, horses and dogs to push out the hundreds of occupiers.

Wall Street Clash

25 October 2011
Zuccotti Park is a slice of prime downtown Manhattan real estate, named—with an almost comical lack of imagination—after the chairman of the private company that owns it. Yet for just over a month now, the site has had another name—Liberty Square.

Occupy movement continues to grow across Britain

24 October 2011
The Occupy London camp outside St Paul’s Cathedral is digging in for the long haul. It has now been there for over a week.

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