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N30 strikes

After N30 unions discuss the way forward

There is a debate across the trade unions that joined the magnificent strike on 30 November about where the struggle goes next.

Videos of speakers at After N30 – how do we bring down the government

Speakers at the After N30 – how do we bring down the government in central London on Tuesday 6 December 2011

Lies, damned lies and OBR inflation statistics

Lies, damned lies and OBR inflation statistics The Tory-led government set up the Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR) in May last year. It is supposed to provide "independent and authoritative analysis" of Britain’s public finances.

‘This action has opened up the possibilities for us’

‘This action has opened  up the possibilities for us’ The Unison union’s national executive was set to meet this week to decide the next steps after the 30 November strikes. Helen Davies from the executive spoke to Socialist Worker in a personal capacity.

Ed Miliband has little to say to workers

Dozens of Labour Party constituencies and thousands of Labour activists declared their support for the 30 November strike.

Tories lash out as strike hits them hard

06 December 2011
The Tories reacted to the 30 November public sector strike by dismissing it as a "damp squib". But their actions since the strike tell a different story to their words.

What the papers said about N30

06 December 2011
It was the week that support for strikes helped to sell newspapers. While most of the press jumped on board the union-bashing bandwagon, for a few days before the strike the Daily Mirror went back to its roots.

Voices from the N30 strike: ‘Now we all feel stronger’

06 December 2011
Margaret Davies, PCS, Merthyr Tydfil tax office

Video of London march and rally on N30

02 December 2011
On Wednesday 30 November 2011 some 50,000 strikers and their supporters marched through central London to a rally on Embankment

Tories fear us getting a taste for our strength

01 December 2011
The 30 November strike showcased the power of the working class. Whatever the Tories might claim in public, they know that this action rocked the government like no other.

After the 30 November strikes - how do we beat the Tories’ assault?

01 December 2011
Karen Reissmann, Unison national executive committee (pc)

United strike sees big pickets shut down council services

01 December 2011
Striking workers in the Unison, Unite and GMB unions made sure council services from refuse depots to libraries were shut for the day.

George Osborne: more misery to come

01 December 2011
George Osborne spat into the face of the working class last Tuesday.

Health workers: this is a fight to save the NHS

01 December 2011
Over 400,000 health workers took part in the strike—many of them for the first time.

Millions go to war on the Tories

01 December 2011
It was a historic day. Britain’s biggest strike since 1926 saw the working class march firmly on to centre stage of the political arena.

PCS build solid, determined pickets

01 December 2011
Civil service workers’ union PCS was at the heart of making sure 30 November became a reality.

Teachers: ‘We’re proud to picket for pensions for all’

01 December 2011
The government aimed its fire at teachers in the run-up to Wednesday’s strikes.

The strike in figures

01 December 2011

In their own words

01 December 2011
‘Unfortunately the taxpayer is not paying peanuts for the worse than monkey service he is getting. That is why today’s strike is a disgrace’Sir Bernard Ingham, former press secretary to Margaret Thatcher, unsurprisingly doesn’t support the strike

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