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War on Terror

Islamophobia—the hate the state made

01 January 2021
Rulers across the world are planning fresh assaults on Muslims in 2021

War crimes—the West’s hidden horrors in Afghanistan

06 December 2020
Murders, torture and massacres—that’s the reality of the war in Afghanistan exposed by a report into Australian war crimes. And for all its denial, Britain is just as guilty

Stopped and detained for being a black Muslim

26 November 2020
A British official admitted that he “singled out” a black Muslim man under a stop and search at Heathrow airport, according to footage.

Terrorism Act 2000 - 20 years of increased racism, repression and injustice

20 July 2020
The introduction of the Terrorism Act 2000 created a “racist, fear-based environment” argues a new report from human rights group Cage.

Virus outbreak after workers’ walkout warning was ignored

23 June 2020
A major outbreak of coronavirus has been confirmed at a food processing plant where workers had walked out unofficially over safety fears.

Slaughter abroad is linked to militarisation of the US police

07 June 2020
It was after the US’s wars in the Middle East escalated that military equipment really started flooding into police departments, writes Nick Clark 

‘Horrific’ new terror laws will mean that more lives are ‘ripped to shreds’

26 May 2020
Tory home secretary Priti Patel wants to grab more powers for the state with a draconian terror bill.

Did British government and Libyan regime conspire to torture suspect?

19 March 2020
New revelations about accusations that involve Boris Johnson

LETTERS - Chelsea Manning gives an example of heroic courage

17 March 2020
Chelsea Manning, released from prison last week, is a hero.

Right want to use south London stabbings for more repression

03 February 2020
Boris Johnson unveiled a wish list of repressive measures after the shooting of Sudesh Amman in Streatham, south London, on Sunday.

London Bridge killings are linked to imperialist war

01 December 2019
The horrific killing of two people in a knife attack on Friday in London is being used to bolster right wing ideas. The crackdown has to be opposed.

Letters—Progressive groups listed on cop ‘counter-terror’ list

24 September 2019
 A counter-terrorism document giving advice to workers includes left wing groups in its safeguarding bulletin—alongside proscribed terrorist organisations.

British spooks’ role in torture and terror will remain secret

17 September 2019
Declassified cables provide new details of the torture of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and Abu Zubaydah were subjected to by the CIA.

Muslims suffer at the hands of the Terrorism Act

27 August 2019
A report by detainee rights group Cage exposes how the police and spooks use draconian terror laws to target Muslims at Britain’s borders, writes Tomáš Tengely-Evans

Muslims face ‘structural Islamophobia’ under terror law border checks

20 August 2019
Hundreds of thousands of Muslims have been harassed at Britain’s border under a draconian terror law, according to a new report published on Wednesday.

Don’t send Julian Assange to the US – and don’t trivialise rape allegation

12 April 2019
Julian Assange, who helped to expose Western war crimes in Afghanistan and Iraq, faces extradition from Britain to face the wrath of the US state.

Nuclear-armed India and Pakistan close to war over Kashmir

21 February 2019
India and Pakistan are once more on the brink of terrible conflict.

Pakistan elections - behind Imran Khan's populism lies more neoliberalism

27 July 2018
Imran Khan, the former Pakistani cricket star, declared victory in the country’s general election yesterday despite allegations of widespread fraud.

Darkness at the heart of the British state

03 July 2018
Revelations that the British state is complicit in torture destroy the lie that Britain is more “civilised” or progressive than other countries.

Reports show lies, kidnap and torture at the hands of the British state

28 June 2018
 The evidence—just a glimpse of the true situation—should shatter any talk of the superiority of “British values”.

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