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Right using MP’s murder to stop criticism of Tories

Right using MP’s murder to stop criticism of Tories Politicians and the press want to use the murder of a Tory MP last week to silence anger at the government.

​​​​​​​Bigots’ plan puts refugee lives in peril

​​​​​​​Bigots’ plan puts refugee lives in peril France has warned the Tories not to do anything that breaches international law to avoid a “serious loss” of confidence and cooperation.

Twenty years of the West’s bloody war on terror

Twenty years of the West’s bloody war on terror Socialist Worker looks at the destruction wrought by two decades of wars, lifts the lid on the torture that accompanied it, and addresses the Islamophobia that was used to justify it all

Warmongers used racism then and now, say Muslim campaigners

Warmongers used racism then and now, say Muslim campaigners Life for many Muslims changed for the worse when Britain invaded Afghanistan 20 years ago

Britain had bloody role in war on Afghanistan

Britain had bloody role in war on Afghanistan No one should be in any doubt that Afghanistan was Britain’s war as much as it was the US’s.

Israeli settlers move to evict Palestinians

Israeli settlers move to evict Palestinians Israel’s supreme court was set to rule on the eviction case that sparked the Palestinian uprising earlier this year, as Socialist Worker went to press.

Loss of support is down to the Labour Party’s own failings, not Muslims

06 July 2021
Labour has been cheered by the fact that some Muslims did not vote for their party.

Batley and Spen by-election spells further disaster for Starmer

17 June 2021
The Labour Party is in trouble in the Batley and Spen by-election—and it deserves to be in trouble.

Police use mental distress claims to target Muslims

24 May 2021
A new report has found that counter-terrorism police are using claims of mental distress to lock up and intimidate people, writes Isabel Ringrose

French government’s racist crackdowns fuel far right coup threats

30 April 2021
The French government is ramping up measures against migrants and Muslims—just as far right forces threaten a coup.

Protests after teacher shows racist cartoon to Muslim pupils

29 March 2021
Bigots and Islamophobes want to defend the ‘right’ of a teacher to show pupils an offensive image of the Prophet Muhammad. But parents are right to be angry

Anti-racists take the knee across Britain as part of international day of action

20 March 2021
Anti-racists in towns and cities across Britain came out on Saturday to show resistance to racism.

Join day of action on 20 March—say no to racism

16 March 2021
Anti-racists worldwide are preparing to mobilise in street protests and online rallies this Saturday.

International round-up—France, Switzerland, Tunisia and Myanmar

09 March 2021
Thousands of people joined marches in the run-up to International Women’s Day across France last weekend.

Gavin Williamson’s ‘free speech’ is an attack on our rights to organise

22 February 2021
The Tories’ crackdown on universities means protecting bigots from opposition. But as Nick Clark shows, real free speech battles have always involved defending the right to protest

Emmanuel Macron wages war at home and abroad

26 January 2021
French president Emmanuel Macron said last week that France would offer “no repentance or apologies” for the colonisation of Algeria or the eight-year war it waged against Algerian independence, in which perhaps a million people died.

Islamophobia—the hate the state made

01 January 2021
Rulers across the world are planning fresh assaults on Muslims in 2021

Indian farmers join mass action after Modi government attacks 

05 December 2020
Tens of thousands of farmers are confronting measures pushed through by Narendra Modi’s government.

Stopped and detained for being a black Muslim

26 November 2020
A British official admitted that he “singled out” a black Muslim man under a stop and search at Heathrow airport, according to footage.

Starmer ramps up his war on beleaguered Labour left

16 November 2020
The Labour Party upped its crackdown on its own activists last week, suspending leading members in Bristol for supporting former leader Jeremy Corbyn.

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