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Runcorn construction workers walkout against bullying

25 June 2013
Around 670 construction workers downed tools unofficially at Runcorn Thermal Power Station on Friday of last week.

BBC interviews blacklister

11 June 2013
The blacklisting of construction workers finally made it onto television this week as the BBC’s Panorama interviewed Mary Kerr, the book-keeper for blacklisters

Construction workers march against blacklist in Glasgow

28 May 2013

Construction workers discuss how to take on the bosses

21 May 2013
Around 40 workers came to a national meeting of rank and file construction workers in Liverpool last Saturday.

Cops face criticism after 'blacklist hero' hit by car

21 May 2013
A protester against the blacklist was still in hospital with two broken legs as Socialist Worker went to press.

Construction workers protest against blacklist

14 May 2013

Blacklist campaign grows

07 May 2013
Workers gathered outside the Scottish Parliament to protest against blacklisting last week. Stewart Hume, a blacklisted electrician said, “I was selected for redundancy because of my trade union activity. It was a stressful time but solidarity at Grangemouth got me my job back. 

A week of protests targets building bosses

23 April 2013
Construction workers protested repeatedly over blacklisting last week.

What did workers get blacklisted for?

16 April 2013
Here are just some of the reasons why bosses put workers on the blacklist

MPs condemn building bosses over blacklisting

16 April 2013
A new report by MPs has slammed construction bosses for running a blacklist.

Killer building sites shut down

16 April 2013
One in three building sites in Wales and south west England has recently failed a safety inspection by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). 

Tens of thousands more names could have been on blacklists

18 October 2012
New evidence has emerged of tens of thousands of workers being on blacklists. The scale of the blacklist may be far larger than previously thought—and it goes well beyond the construction industry.

Construction workers protest at Leeds Arena building site

09 October 2012
Around 30 protesters converged on the Leeds Arena construction site on Friday of last week.

Crossrail bans safety rep—and then a gantry collapses

02 October 2012
Rank and file electricians are warning that targeting union reps for raising safety concerns could lead to tragedy on the Crossrail project. A major accident at Westbourne Park in west London last week shows that the dangers are very real.

Electricians block Oxford Street in protest against blacklisting

26 September 2012
Rank and file electricians and their supporters blocked Oxford Street in central London during rush hour this evening, Wednesday.

Australian construction workers 'ready to rumble' over rights

04 September 2012
Construction workers in Melbourne, Australia, are blockading building sites in a battle over union rights. They are fighting against Grocon building boss Daniel Grollo.

Electricians face a new attack on pay agreement

21 August 2012
Around 50 electricians and their supporters held a protest in London on Friday of last week. They were targetting construction company Crown House which has announced plans to pull out of the JIB national pay agreement.

Barrister exposes how the law lets workers down

08 May 2012
Struck Out by David Renton Pluto Press, £17.50

Damning judgement over blacklisting

17 April 2012
Employment judges slammed the lack of legal protection for construction worker Dave Smith in a judgement released last week.

Police and spies under fire for their blacklist collusion

06 March 2012
The scandal of companies blacklisting construction workers hit the mainstream media at the weekend when the Observer reported on the case of Dave Smith.

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