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How electricians' campaign humbled multinationals

28 February 2012
Electricians won a stunning victory last week when they stopped bosses imposing worse contracts.

‘We’ve beaten bosses over Besna - now let’s fight for better rights’

28 February 2012
Defeating bosses over the hated Besna contracts has boosted workers’ confidence.

Electricians win historic victory

28 February 2012
Rank and file electricians have won. They have beaten the building bosses who wanted to tear up their terms and conditions and slash their pay.

Victory: Electricians defeat building bosses

23 February 2012
Rank and file electricians have won. They have beaten the building bosses who wanted to tear up their terms and conditions and slash their pay.

Electricians protest in Bradford and London as boss declares Besna 'finished'

22 February 2012
Update (Wed, 4.30pm): NG Bailey has now withdrawn from Besna.

Dancing against construction bosses

21 February 2012
As part of the campaign, up to 300 construction workers took their fight to the building bosses last Wednesday.

Judge rejects construction firm’s anti-strike injunction claims

21 February 2012
Balfour Beatty failed to obtain an injunction against the Unite union at the High Court last Thursday.

Leon Kuhn: Balfour Beaten

21 February 2012

Balfour Beatty court defeat gives green light for electricians’ strike

16 February 2012
Electricians at construction firm Balfour Beatty are set to strike officially, after bosses’ attempts to use the anti-union laws to stop them failed.

Build for a national electricians’ walkout

24 January 2012
Electricians protested in Glasgow, Manchester and London last week.

Employment tribunal rules against rights for blacklisted agency workers

20 January 2012
The multinational construction company Carillion won an employment tribunal (ET) today, Friday, against a blacklisted worker.

No let-up in sparks’ fight

17 January 2012
Hundreds of electricians protested last week against a planned working agreement that could see their wages cut by about 35 percent.

Blacklisting - how bosses targeted 'troublemakers'

17 January 2012
Blacklist files of over 100 workers were submitted in evidence as part of Dave Smith’s Employment Tribunal.

Revealed: the true scale of the blacklisting scandal

17 January 2012
Socialist Worker can reveal shocking new information about how construction bosses operated a blacklist of trade unionists.

Sparks tell bosses: we won’t sign your rubbish contracts

10 January 2012
Some 150 electricians returned their unsigned contracts in protest to Balfour Beatty’s headquarters at Hillington in Scotland last Friday.

Construction workers unite for mass stay-aways

14 December 2011
Protests on construction sites across Britain again turned into mass stay-aways today (Wednesday).

Electricians strike and protest - and defy Balfour Beatty

07 December 2011
Rank and file electricians walked off jobs, protested and blocked roads in towns and cities across Britain this morning, Wednesday.

Sparks take to the streets in protests across Britain

06 December 2011
Some 200 electricians gathered at the Balfour Beatty site at Blackfriars in central London on the day of the public sector general strike last week.

Shut down the sites to beat bosses

06 December 2011
The war in construction is at a crucial stage.

Electricians at Balfour Beatty vote by 81 percent to strike

29 November 2011
Electricians at Balfour Beatty have voted overwhelmingly to strike against bosses’ attempts to destroy their terms and conditions.

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