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Protests continue in Poland as support swells for abortion rights fight

29 November 2020
The fight over abortion rights in Poland is continuing with renewed energy

Fascist-led march in Poland is smallest in years as abortion protests continue

13 November 2020
For years, the 11 November march has attracted tens of thousands of people. But Wednesday saw only thousands on the streets of Warsaw—the smallest march in ten years.

Pro-choice protests transform Poland as state fails to slander the movement

01 November 2020
The mass pro-choice protests in Poland are growing. A march on Warsaw last Friday was 100,000-strong, according to organisers and the city council. People came from all over the country to demonstrate in the capital.

Pro-choice protests sweep through Poland

24 October 2020
An explosion of daily mass demonstrations for abortion rights has swept dozens of towns and cities across Poland. 

Why the right want to control women’s bodies

18 October 2020
After the appointment of anti-choice judge Amy Coney Barrett to the US Supreme Court, Sarah Bates looks at why opposing abortion is a defining issue for the right

Letters: Unite against all of those who peddle racism and transphobia

13 July 2020
It’s a shame there’s no invisibility cloak to throw at transphobic authors

Letters: Say no to the sick idea of the ‘survival of the fittest’

11 April 2020
A new scandal over Do Not Attempt Resuscitation (DNAR) orders has revived previously unthinkable eugenic notions about the “survival of the fittest”. 

Abortion law changes do not go far enough

31 March 2020
Rules relaxing access to abortion aren’t enough to protect women in the pandemic.

Never mind the coronavirus, what about the bottom line?

23 March 2020
Never mind the coronavirus, what about the bottom line?

DUP—Don’t Undertake Pact with these bigots

22 October 2019
The bigots of the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) tried to recall the Stormont Assembly in Northern Ireland for the first time in two and half years on Monday.

Northern Ireland abortion law changes are a victory—but the struggle goes on

15 October 2019
abortion will be decriminalised in Northern Ireland on 21 October—if a devolved Northern Irish government does not meet before then.

Resisting Trump’s war on women

19 May 2019
The United States is a dangerous place to be a woman. An onslaught of laws has chipped away at abortion rights since Donald Trump’s inauguration as president two and a half years ago.

Pro-choice protest stands up to the bigots

14 May 2019
Pro-choice activists gathered in central London last Saturday to oppose the annual March for Life protest.

NHS checks mean women denied access to abortions

19 February 2019
The Tories have been forced to admit that migrants were wrongly denied NHS treatment because of racist health charges.

Abortion rights - defend a woman’s right to choose

23 October 2018
Parliament was set to debate abortion law in Northern Ireland as Socialist Worker went to press on Tuesday.

How Trump plans to bin key abortion regulations—and how he can be beaten back

04 July 2018
Activists are ready to fight the attacks on a woman’s right to choose

Womens’ marches show the mood to relax abortion laws in Northern Ireland

11 June 2018
Pressure is growing on politicians for reform of draconian abortion law in Northern Ireland, reports Sarah Bates

Protests outside parliament after MPs debate abortion law

05 June 2018
Activists protested outside parliament on Tuesday.

Northern Ireland—how Britain rules a last outpost of empire

04 June 2018
Why isn’t Northern Ireland in Ireland?

Irish repeal movement’s historic win deals blow to bigotry

29 May 2018
Irish voters delivered a ­landslide two to one vote to repeal the 8th Amendment and liberalise abortion laws last Saturday.

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