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Abortion Rights

Rise up and defend abortion rights in the US

10 April 2012
The war on women’s rights in the US has taken centre stage in this year’s Republican presidential primary race.

Abortion isn’t a ‘tough issue’—most back a woman’s right to choose

03 April 2012
Hundreds of pro-choice protesters took on anti-abortion bigots in central London last week.

Pro-choice picket takes on the anti-abortion bigots in London

03 April 2012
Hundreds of protesters descended on Bedford Square in London last Friday to defend a woman’s right to choose. Chanting, "They say no choice—we say pro-choice!", they almost surrounded bigots from the 40 Days for Life campaign.

Abortion myths exposed

20 March 2012
Anti-choice bigots spread lies to undermine abortion rights. Some claim that women who have abortions suffer trauma and psychological distress as a result. Others say that women who have had abortions are more likely to get breast cancer.

Pro-choice pickets to fight for women’s rights

20 March 2012
Pro-choice campaigners are organising against the bigots in London.

The forces behind anti-choice picket

20 March 2012
"I think the end of abortion is closer than we ever could have believed." These are the chilling words of David Bereit, national director of the anti-choice 40 Days for Life campaign.

How bigoted 40 Days for Life campaign was ‘birthed’

20 March 2012
David Bereit David Bereit launched the 40 Days for Life campaign nationally in the US in 2007. He described the campaign as "birthed out of an hour of prayer". In other words, god told him to do it.

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