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Say no to ban on Hizbollah

Say no to ban on Hizbollah Home secretary Sajid Javid, in his ongoing grandstanding campaign to be Tory leader, has declared Lebanese group Hizbollah a terrorist organisation.

It’s an outrage that Shamima Begum’s citizenship has been removed

It’s an outrage that Shamima Begum’s citizenship has been removed The withdrawal of citizenship is a huge punishment, delivered without trial. But it has come to be almost routine.

EU border force Frontex - now with guns to use on migrants

EU border force Frontex - now with guns to use on migrants When the Syrian regime begins its latest bloody assault on its own people, politicians in Europe will be ready to feign sorrow for the victims.

Idlib attack deepens bloody Syria war

Idlib attack deepens bloody Syria war The Syrian regime was gearing up for its final assault on rebels this week—beginning one of its final acts in its long and bloody counter-revolution.

Assad army on verge of victory in Syrian war

Assad army on verge of victory in Syrian war Assad’s regime has almost finished off the last pockets of resistance in southern Syria, says?Nick Clark

Borders trap refugees in Syria

Borders trap refugees in Syria Thousands of people have fled after the Syrian regime and Russian forces launched a fresh assault on rebel-held Daraa in south west Syria

How the Tory ‘hostile environment’ policies hit Syrian refugees

09 May 2018
Some refugees faced benefit sanctions as a result of undertaking English language tuition

Syria strike shows the callousness of our rulers

17 April 2018
Missiles were launched against Syria as all the imperial powers jockey for their position in the carve up

Big protests oppose airstrikes in Syria

16 April 2018
Hundreds of people protested outside parliament and across Britain this evening after Theresa May attempted to justify bombing Syria.

The attacks on Syria will only bring more horror

14 April 2018
The US, Britain and France have launched missile strikes on Syrian targets.

British intervention in Syria could lead to a war between Iran and Israel

13 April 2018
Donald Trump and his hangers on Theresa May and French president Emmanuel Macron have paused attacking Syria—for now. 

Our rulers’ sickening hypocrisy over Syria

10 April 2018
The bluster and grandstanding of Western leaders over horrific deaths in Syria gets ever more hypocritical, ghoulish—and dangerous.

British soldier’s death in Syria shows how West lies over its interventions

03 April 2018
A British SAS soldier was killed in Syria last week—despite a vote in parliament against British army intervention there.

How revolution turned to horror in eastern Ghouta

21 March 2018
Jad Bouharoun traces the rise and fall of the rebellion on the outskirts of Damascus

Turkey ready to assault besieged city of Afrin

13 March 2018
Turkish soldiers looked set to launch an assault on the Kurdish-held city of Afrin in northern Syria this week

How the crisis in Syria was caused by imperialist ambition

23 February 2018
The Syrian regime’s horrific bombing in Ghouta is the legacy of a defeated revolution and a struggle for power over the Middle East

Syrian tragedy risks bigger imperialist clash

20 February 2018
Syria is undoubtedly the most dangerous place in the world at the moment.

The Middle East is on the brink of a major imperial clash

13 February 2018
Israel took the Middle East one step closer to a major war last weekend

Imperialism won’t end Kurdish agony

23 January 2018
In a Middle East tormented by the domination of Western imperialism, the Kurdish people have been among the greatest victims.

As Boris Johnson calls for more Middle East intervention - get the Tories out

07 December 2017
Not wishing to be outdone by Donald Trump, foreign secretary Boris Johnson has said that Britain should return to the Middle East.

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