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Threat of war looms closer in Iraq as Isis take strategic towns

24 June 2014
The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (Isis) has continued its spectacular advances in Western Iraq. It seized more Sunni Muslim majority towns near the capital Baghdad, as well as all the country’s western border crossings.

A line in the sand: The great carve-up of the Middle East

24 June 2014
Many of the modern borders in the Middle East were created by a secret agreement between imperial powers Britain and France during the First World War, explains Annette Mackin

Sham vote held in Syria amid 'ferocious' repression

03 June 2014
Presidential elections were taking place in Syria as Socialist Worker went to press.

Syria's revolution had too many enemies

13 May 2014
The surrender of Homs, the “capital of the revolution”, marks a moment of bitter defeat in Syria writes Simon Assaf

Passports taken and schools probed in anti-Muslim panic

29 April 2014
Hype over a ‘Muslim plot’ to take over schools is part of a broader racist attack, writes Judith Orr

Britain threatens Muslims who fight Assad as Syria's regime goes on the offensive

22 April 2014
Reports that Abdullah Deghayes, an 18 year old from Brighton, had died in a gun battle in Syria led to renewed media panic about what they term British “jihadis”.

International round-up

25 February 2014
Briefs on Syria, Australia and France

Assad holds firm in talks on Syria

11 February 2014
Talks between representatives of Syria’s president Bashar al-Assad and Western-backed sections of the opposition restarted on Monday of this week.

Nothing good on the table at Syria talks

28 January 2014
Talks in Geneva between the Western-backed elements of the Syrian opposition and representatives of dictator Bashar al-Assad were deadlocked as Socialist Worker went to press.

Memorial held in Manchester for Syrian doctor Abbas Khan

21 January 2014
Hundreds of Syrians and other supporters attended a memorial meeting last week in Manchester for Abbas Khan.

Difficult times for the Syrian revolution, but people continue to fight

21 January 2014
Western politicians and the Syrian opposition groups they support —primarily the Syrian National Council—claim that talks in Geneva will solve the crisis in Syria.

International: In Brief

14 January 2014
 Basque Country; South Africa; Central African Republic; Syria

The West tries to bolster its struggling Syrian allies

14 January 2014
Foreign ministers from governments that back sections of the Syrian opposition have intervened to ensure their allies are part of plans for a post-Assad Syria. 

US intervention in Iraq encouraged growth of Al Qaida

07 January 2014
The US is sending advanced weapons to the Iraqi government to help crush a growing rebellion in Anbar province in the west of the country. Anbar was a centre of the resistance against the 2003-2011 US occupation.

Bashar al Assad's regime targeted children to try and break revolt

26 November 2013
A new report has revealed the scale of casualties among children in Syria since a revolt began in March 2011.

Israel bombs Syria—again

05 November 2013
Israeli jets bombed a base near Latakia in Syria on Thursday of last week.

Syria deal exposes Obama’s weakness

01 October 2013
A few weeks ago the US looked poised to launch a military attack on Syria. Now a deal on Syrian chemical weapons appears to be sealed—and a historic thaw in relations with Iran has been thrown in for good measure.

Rebels take on the regime - and it's 'fifth column' in Syria

24 September 2013
The threat of US intervention is opening up divisions in the opposition even as the regime admits it has reached stalemate, warns Simon Assaf

Obama’s Syria deal with Russia shows the limits of US power

17 September 2013
US president Barack Obama has stepped back from his threat to bomb Syria. The US and Russia signed an accord in Geneva last Saturday. 

Syrian voices oppose Western intervention

10 September 2013
A growing number of insurgent organisations in Syria have declared their opposition to a US strike on Bashar al-Assad’s regime.

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