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The revolution in Syria is rooted in popular uprising

24 July 2012
The past few days may have seen the balance of forces tilt decisively against Bashar al-Assad and his regime. Paradoxically, a significant section of the Western left seems to have tilted as decisively in their favour.

Syrian revolution comes to a critical crossroads

17 July 2012
The Syrian revolution has reached a new crossroads. Recent regime massacres have combined with a series of defections that could open the door to greater influence by the West.

Marxism 2012: Videos of Hossam el-Hamalawy and Simon Assaf

13 July 2012
This year's Marxism festival saw a series of meetings on revolutions in the Middle East and North Africa. Here are videos of Hossam el-Hamalawy on the situation in Egypt and Simon Assaf on Syria, imperialism and revolution.

Syrians fight for the future

10 July 2012
Our revolution is first of all the rejection of decades of one party rule, where we could only have one ideology, one way of thinking and where we were isolated from any real political debate.

Stand with the Syrian revolt

10 July 2012
The Syrian regime has brutally cracked down—but as Adi Atassi’s article shows, the spirit and resolve of the revolution remains unbroken.

Syria: No to 'unity' with Assad

03 July 2012
As the revolt against the Syrian regime of Bashar al-Assad deepens, opposition groups have spoken out against United Nations (UN) plans to impose a settlement.

Syrian rebels hold strong against Assad's demoralised forces

26 June 2012
The shooting down of a Turkish jet fighter by Syrian forces marks a dramatic turn in the Syrian revolution.

Syria and imperialism

19 June 2012
Revolutions are momentous political battles centred on the actions of millions of ordinary people. They are full of surprises and contradictions—and do not follow any prescribed course or formula.

Syrian movement unites against Assad's regime

12 June 2012
The revolution in Syria is entering a critical phase marked by mutinies, strikes and a growing insurgency—as well as renewed attempts by the West and other outside forces to intervene.

Do we need violence to change the world?

05 June 2012
The recent massacre in Syria shows the horrendous violence that states are prepared to use against people who resist them. But is the answer to use violence against them?

Revolt in Syria is still growing

05 June 2012
The massacre in Houla has re-ignited calls for outside military intervention in Syria. Britain’s foreign secretary William Hague warned the "military option" is on the table. His warning comes alongside the expulsion of Syria diplomats from most western capitals following the massacre by Syrian regime militia in the village of Houla.

Strikes in Lebanon undermine sectarianism

05 June 2012
The biggest danger of a sectarian "spillover" is in Lebanon. There have been sectarian clashes in the northern Lebanese city of Tripoli, close to the border with Syria’s restive cities of Homs and Hama.

Western military intervention would destroy Syria's revolution

29 May 2012
Western powers have pounced on the massacre in Houla to once again talk up the idea of foreign intervention in the revolution. As socialists, we remain firm in our opposition to any such intervention.

Massacre in Houla marks point of no return for Syria's regime

29 May 2012
The terrible massacre of civilians in the village of Houla near the restive city of Homs marks a watershed for the Syrian revolution.

Focus on Syria: 'Assad’s attempt to crush the resistance has failed'

15 May 2012
The Syrian revolution is moving along several different tracks.

Crisis deepens in Syrian cities

24 April 2012
The arrival of United Nations observers has triggered a new round of protests in the Syrian cites that remain under siege. In return the cities of Idlib, Hama and Douma could face attacks by government forces.

Hunger striker’s daughter: Formula One in Bahrain is salt in our wounds

20 April 2012
David Cameron brushed off calls to condemn the Bahrain Formula One Grand Prix today. "Bahrain is not Syria," he declared. "There is a process of reform underway."

Protesters defy Syria’s dictator

17 April 2012
Tens of thousands of Syrians took to the streets on Friday of last week in a mass show of support for the revolution.

Syria: Assad won’t call off his troops

10 April 2012
Moves to impose a Western-brokered ceasefire in Syria have collapsed after president Bashar al-Assad insisted the opposition be forced to obey the ceasefire too.

Syria’s two sides are not the same

10 April 2012
Even the pope has joined the calls for a ceasefire in Syria. It is being posed as the only solution to violence that the Bashar al-Assad regime has inflicted on ordinary Syrians.

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