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Do we need violence to change the world?

05 June 2012
The recent massacre in Syria shows the horrendous violence that states are prepared to use against people who resist them. But is the answer to use violence against them?

Strikes in Lebanon undermine sectarianism

05 June 2012
The biggest danger of a sectarian "spillover" is in Lebanon. There have been sectarian clashes in the northern Lebanese city of Tripoli, close to the border with Syria’s restive cities of Homs and Hama.

Western military intervention would destroy Syria's revolution

29 May 2012
Western powers have pounced on the massacre in Houla to once again talk up the idea of foreign intervention in the revolution. As socialists, we remain firm in our opposition to any such intervention.

Massacre in Houla marks point of no return for Syria's regime

29 May 2012
The terrible massacre of civilians in the village of Houla near the restive city of Homs marks a watershed for the Syrian revolution.

Focus on Syria: 'Assad’s attempt to crush the resistance has failed'

15 May 2012
The Syrian revolution is moving along several different tracks.

Crisis deepens in Syrian cities

24 April 2012
The arrival of United Nations observers has triggered a new round of protests in the Syrian cites that remain under siege. In return the cities of Idlib, Hama and Douma could face attacks by government forces.

Hunger striker’s daughter: Formula One in Bahrain is salt in our wounds

20 April 2012
David Cameron brushed off calls to condemn the Bahrain Formula One Grand Prix today. "Bahrain is not Syria," he declared. "There is a process of reform underway."

Protesters defy Syria’s dictator

17 April 2012
Tens of thousands of Syrians took to the streets on Friday of last week in a mass show of support for the revolution.

Syria: Assad won’t call off his troops

10 April 2012
Moves to impose a Western-brokered ceasefire in Syria have collapsed after president Bashar al-Assad insisted the opposition be forced to obey the ceasefire too.

Syria’s two sides are not the same

10 April 2012
Even the pope has joined the calls for a ceasefire in Syria. It is being posed as the only solution to violence that the Bashar al-Assad regime has inflicted on ordinary Syrians.


03 April 2012

Syria - revolt threatened by West and Assad

03 April 2012
The revolution in Syria has faced a brutal month as the military crackdown on cities and towns reaches increasingly bloody levels.

More areas defect from Syrian regime

27 March 2012
Previously "loyal" towns and districts in Syria are abandoning the blood-stained regime of Bashar al‑Assad and are joining the popular uprising.

Debate: Should socialists support the revolt in Syria?

20 March 2012
Socialist Worker has supported the revolution in Syria—but not everyone on the left agrees. Here, Sami Ramadani argues that those leading the resistance are acting in the interests of the West. Simon Assaf, who writes regularly for Socialist Worker on the Middle East, responds by explaining why we should back the revolt and oppose Western intervention

Syrian regime assault has backfired

13 March 2012
Mutinies and defections in the Syrian army have grown since last week’s murderous assault on Homs—considered to be the capital of the revolution.

Palestinians join revolt against Assad after repression in camps

06 March 2012
Growing numbers of Palestinians in Syria are joining the revolution—despite harsh repression by the regime and its proxy militias.

Syrian witnesses to regime's onslaught

06 March 2012
One resident of Inshaat in Homs spent six days in a basement sheltering from regime bombardment. He spoke out about the experience.

Syrians defy assault on Homs

06 March 2012
Mass executions, families butchered in their homes, checkpoints and disappearances. This is reality for those living in the Baba Amr district of Homs, Syria’s third city and the capital of the revolution.

Solidarity meeting pledges support for Syrian revolution

01 March 2012
A large meeting of British Muslims in London threw its weight behind the Syrian revolution last night (Wednesday). Over 400 mainly local people turned out for the meeting, which was hosted by London Muslim Centre in Whitechapel, east London.

Syrian leader lashes out at opposition

28 February 2012
The cornered Syrian regime is lashing out viciously against pressure at home and from abroad to step down.

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