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Syrian protests threaten Assad

03 January 2012
Anti-government protests in Syria have grown bigger than ever over the past week—and have spread to the capital Damascus and the country’s largest city Aleppo.

General strike in Syria intensifies the revolt

13 December 2011
The uprising in Syria took a dramatic turn on Sunday as workers held a general strike.

Armed resistance to Assad's regime develops in Syria

15 November 2011
The revolt in Syria has taken another turn—with growing armed resistance to the forces of government-backed repression.

Syrian regime raids hospitals

18 October 2011
President Bashar al-Assad’s regime in Syria is hijacking ambulances and kidnapping injured protesters from hospital beds in a desperate attempt to stem opposition.

Eyewitness from Syria: ‘Our mentality has changed’

06 September 2011
Huge protests defied a new wave of repression in Syria this week, as the regime sought revenge for military defections.

Hundreds defect from Syria's army

30 August 2011
Mass army defections have rattled the already shaken regime of president Bashar al-Assad of Syria.

Exclusive: Syrian torture victim speaks out

30 August 2011
"I was a scholar, living in Britain on a scholarship from the Syrian government.

Will Syria's Assad be toppled next?

23 August 2011
Events in Libya will have ramifications for the movement in Syria.

Syrians fight on despite brutality of regime

16 August 2011
The brutality of the Syrian state—and the rebellion of the Syrian people—seem to know no bounds.

Syria: Intervention won’t help to defeat al-Assad

09 August 2011
The Syrian state has killed more than 2,000 people over the past five months.

Striking back in Syria’s revolution

02 August 2011
In a grainy video posted recently on Youtube, a group of Syrian army officers announced their defection to the "popular revolution".

Syria's brutal regime launches fresh crackdown

19 July 2011
Government troops launched brutal attacks on several towns and cities across Syria last weekend.

US is a false friend to Syria revolt

12 July 2011
The US claims to back the movement against the Syrian regime. But in reality it wants to stabilise the situation for its own benefit.

Syria: Army generals defect from Assad's regime

05 July 2011
The Syrian resistance is organising for the next stage of the battle to defeat the government.

Syria: a rogue state in the back pocket of the Western powers

14 June 2011
According to the West, Syria is a "rogue" state that has interests in developing weapons of mass destruction and supports terrorism.

Syrian protests defy repression

14 June 2011
The mass revolt in Syria is under brutal attack from the Syrian state. And circling in the background are Western governments looking to increase their dominance in the region.

Syrian regime clamps down on democracy protests

07 June 2011
Syrian security forces mutinied in the northern town of Jisrash Shugur on Monday.

Israeli soldiers murder unarmed protesters in Golan Heights

07 June 2011
Israeli soldiers murdered 23 people last Sunday during protests against its occupation of Syria’s Golan Heights. They injured another 350 protesters.

Syrian women defy regime's repression

24 May 2011
Women are playing a vital role in the uprising in Syria.

Syria: a united fight for freedom

10 May 2011
The uprising in Syria against Bashar al-Assad’s regime continues despite repression that has reportedly claimed some 800 lives.

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