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Rama drama ding dong as fees hike brings a massive palaver to Tirana

Rama drama ding dong as fees hike brings a massive palaver to Tirana Student protests over a proposed university tuition fee rise have rocked the Albanian government.

UAF week: pushing back the BNP in Barking

MondayOrganising meeting with people from the local theatre, trade unionists from the CWU and Unison, students and residents. TuesdayMet women representing Kosovan Albanian, Rwandan, Turkish, Chinese and Asian groups. We agreed to produce leaflets in different languages and speak at a 400-strong Kosovan Albanian meeting.WednesdayAttended a London Metropolitan University lecturers’ meeting. They agreed to organise support. Students there are organising weekly UAF stalls.ThursdayFifty students attended University of East London UAF meeting. The president of the Isla

Weapons of limited destruction

THE SEARCH for weapons of limited destruction in the shape of guns haunts our cities, according to senior police officers of the Met. They talk of wild gun-toting Yardies and Albanians threatening the fabric of our society, especially in the suburbs where they threaten to flood us with drugs. Newspaper headlines scream out that gun crime has reached epidemic proportions and that it's no longer safe to tread any urban street.

Did Blair's war free Kosovo?

TONY BLAIR constantly claims he was right to fight the war in Kosovo alongside the US in 1999. The aim, he said, was to stop Serbian ruler Slobodan Milosevic from carrying out ethnic cleansing against the Albanian majority in Kosovo. But the bombardment of Kosovo and Serbia by the NATO military alliance made things much worse.

Lies over Kosovo

US Defence Secretary William Cohen claimed during the Balkan War two years ago that 100,000 Albanian men of military age were missing, adding, "They may have been murdered." The media, and even some people on the left, dutifully repeated the wartime propaganda.

The team was lucky to get in

HUNDREDS OF Albanian football supporters travelling to watch their team play England in a World Cup qualifier were banned from entering the UK last week. Were these football hooligans intent on causing trouble? No.

Genie at large in Macedonia

10 March 2001
The other day I heard George Robertson, secretary general of NATO and British defence secretary during the 1999 Balkan War, say, "We didn't wage war over Kosovo in order to replace ethnic cleansing by Serbs with ethic cleansing by Albanians."

UN shows NATO lied

20 November 1999
NATO HAS admitted that the murder rate in Kosovo now is exactly the same as it was in the run up to it launching war earlier this year. NATO leaders justified their war by pointing to the murder of ethnic Albanians in the months before air strikes began in March. Some 15 to 20 people a week were being killed then, according to NATO. It now admits that the same number are still being killed each week in Kosovo, many of them ethnic Serbs and Roma Gypsies.

Nightmare continues

06 November 1999
THE HORRIFIC result of NATO's war in the Balkans continues. Last week a column of Serb refugees fleeing ethnic cleansing was set upon by Albanians. Dutch troops stopped the attack. But a UN representative with the Serb convoy said, "I'm surprised I wasn't burned alive in my car."

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