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Protests erupt in Argentina over rail worker's murder

26 October 2010
Tens of thousands of trade unionists struck and took to the streets of Buenos Aires, Argentina, on Wednesday and Thursday of last week over the killing of left wing rail worker and student Mariano Ferreyra.

The Secret in Their Eyes

17 August 2010
Set in 1999, this Argentinian film is told in flashback form.

Argentina: trials show the unrepentant right

12 January 2010
As Argentinian president Cristina Fernández de Kirchner flew over Buenos Aires, a voice interrupted the helicopter’s radio communication. "Kill her, kill the ‘mare’," it said, before playing a military march – the one used by the junta that "disappeared" 30,000 workers, students, intellectuals and political activists during its rule from 1976 to 1983.

Argentina: trade unionists predict ‘A year of conflict’

15 January 2008
Thousands of public sector workers in the Argentinian capital Buenos Aires took strike action at the beginning of this month, with around 30,000 state employees joining a demonstration in the city.

Victory for Zanon (Fasinpat) workers in Argentina

13 January 2007
Despite protests from creditors the Zanon ceramics factory in Neuquen Argentina has won a historic three extension of its license to operate as a workers cooperative. The threat of eviction has temporarily been lifted and the factory continues to grow and increase output under workers control.

Farepak bosses won’t be suffering this Christmas

18 November 2006
Sir Clive Thompson and his wife left their Kent mansion this week and jetted off to a sunshine holiday in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Argentina: under no management

23 May 2006
The four star Hotel Bauen sits in the centre of the Argentinian capital, Buenos Aires. At first glance it looks no different from any similar establishment. The staff are less servile than those in your average luxury hotel, otherwise it’s business as usual.

Bolivian migrants protest in Argentina

15 April 2006
Some 5,000 Bolivian migrant workers brought the Floresta district of Buenos Aires, Argentina, to a standstill on Wednesday of last week. The placard reads: "Factory Owners the party is over!"

Brazilian Workers’ Party president embraces George Bush

19 November 2005
Few events have shown how far the Brazilian Workers’ Party (PT) government of president Lula has moved to embrace neo-liberalism than the recent failed talks to revive the Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA) at the Summit of the Americas in Argentina.

Mass protests and strikes greet Bush in Argentina

12 November 2005
Mar del Plata was practically militarised during the summit, and security fences separated the presidents from the people.

Marxism 2005 — Make capitalism history

30 April 2005
The new millennium has already seen millions march against war — from London to Mumbai, from Washington to Cairo. Governments have toppled in the face of mass opposition on the streets in Bolivia, Argentina and Ecuador.

Argentinian tube strikers victory

19 February 2005
TUBE WORKERS in Buenos Aires, capital of Argentina, have won a 19 percent wage increase after a strike. They struck for five days, after being offered a rise of just 7 percent by their employers, which will barely keep pace with spiralling inflation.

Argentina: what does the election result mean?

03 May 2003
THERE WAS no outright winner in Argentina's presidential election on Sunday. That will depend on a run-off in three weeks time. But the country's political establishment - and ruling class - has won a certain sort of victory. Sixteen months ago a spontaneous uprising led to the resignation of the country's president, De La Rua.

Workers' resistance in Argentina

26 April 2003
TEN THOUSAND demonstrators fought off police attacks on workers from the Brukman tailoring factory in the Argentinian capital, Buenos Aires, on Monday night. The factory was being run successfully under workers' control after the boss tried to close it down 16 months ago.

Argentina solidarity

21 December 2002
OVER 80 people came to a meeting organised by the Argentine Solidarity Campaign on Thursday of last week. They heard an inspiring talk from two workers from the one-year occupation at the Zanon ceramic factory in Neuquen, Argentina. The two workers, Natalio Navarrete and Mariano Pedrero, had attended the European Social Forum in Florence, and afterwards toured Italy addressing Fiat workers fighting job losses.

Is the giant of Latin America next in line for crisis?

17 August 2002
BRAZIL HAS become the latest victim of the economic crisis that began in Argentina and is now spreading throughout Latin America. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) was forced to issue its largest ever single loan last week to Brazil.

Press button for uprising

27 July 2002
ACTIVIST film-makers including Indymedia Argentina and the makers of This is What Democracy Looks Like and Genova Libera! have teamed up to make a new video, Argentina in Revolt. It uses footage of protests, and interviews of working and unemployed activists to show the turmoil that exploded in Argentina in December last year. Over a million people took to the streets when the economy collapsed under $150 billion of debt to the International Monetary Fund.

Sheer bloody murder

06 July 2002
TWO YOUNG protesters were shot dead in the Argentinian capital, Buenos Aires, on Wednesday of last week. Dario Santillan and Maximiliano Kosteki were part of a demonstration of unemployed workers protesting at the effects of the huge economic crisis gripping the country.

Biggest general strike for 15 years

22 June 2002
THE BIGGEST general strike for 15 years in Argentina's neighbour Uruguay, in South America, took place last week. There was an almost total stoppage by public sector workers, and a very strong response in private industry.

Catch these two plays

18 May 2002
TWO interesting Latin American fact-based dramas are scheduled for radio this weekend. Tango Sensations is a play based on the kidnapping of Victoria Mendez during Argentina's "Dirty War" in 1976. Mendez was a career diplomat murdered by the regime she loyally served. Years later an Argentinian woman investigates Mendez's murder.

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