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Marxism 2005 — Make capitalism history

30 April 2005
The new millennium has already seen millions march against war — from London to Mumbai, from Washington to Cairo. Governments have toppled in the face of mass opposition on the streets in Bolivia, Argentina and Ecuador.

Argentinian tube strikers victory

19 February 2005
TUBE WORKERS in Buenos Aires, capital of Argentina, have won a 19 percent wage increase after a strike. They struck for five days, after being offered a rise of just 7 percent by their employers, which will barely keep pace with spiralling inflation.

Argentina: what does the election result mean?

03 May 2003
THERE WAS no outright winner in Argentina's presidential election on Sunday. That will depend on a run-off in three weeks time. But the country's political establishment - and ruling class - has won a certain sort of victory. Sixteen months ago a spontaneous uprising led to the resignation of the country's president, De La Rua.

Workers' resistance in Argentina

26 April 2003
TEN THOUSAND demonstrators fought off police attacks on workers from the Brukman tailoring factory in the Argentinian capital, Buenos Aires, on Monday night. The factory was being run successfully under workers' control after the boss tried to close it down 16 months ago.

Argentina solidarity

21 December 2002
OVER 80 people came to a meeting organised by the Argentine Solidarity Campaign on Thursday of last week. They heard an inspiring talk from two workers from the one-year occupation at the Zanon ceramic factory in Neuquen, Argentina. The two workers, Natalio Navarrete and Mariano Pedrero, had attended the European Social Forum in Florence, and afterwards toured Italy addressing Fiat workers fighting job losses.

Is the giant of Latin America next in line for crisis?

17 August 2002
BRAZIL HAS become the latest victim of the economic crisis that began in Argentina and is now spreading throughout Latin America. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) was forced to issue its largest ever single loan last week to Brazil.

Press button for uprising

27 July 2002
ACTIVIST film-makers including Indymedia Argentina and the makers of This is What Democracy Looks Like and Genova Libera! have teamed up to make a new video, Argentina in Revolt. It uses footage of protests, and interviews of working and unemployed activists to show the turmoil that exploded in Argentina in December last year. Over a million people took to the streets when the economy collapsed under $150 billion of debt to the International Monetary Fund.

Sheer bloody murder

06 July 2002
TWO YOUNG protesters were shot dead in the Argentinian capital, Buenos Aires, on Wednesday of last week. Dario Santillan and Maximiliano Kosteki were part of a demonstration of unemployed workers protesting at the effects of the huge economic crisis gripping the country.

Biggest general strike for 15 years

22 June 2002
THE BIGGEST general strike for 15 years in Argentina's neighbour Uruguay, in South America, took place last week. There was an almost total stoppage by public sector workers, and a very strong response in private industry.

Catch these two plays

18 May 2002
TWO interesting Latin American fact-based dramas are scheduled for radio this weekend. Tango Sensations is a play based on the kidnapping of Victoria Mendez during Argentina's "Dirty War" in 1976. Mendez was a career diplomat murdered by the regime she loyally served. Years later an Argentinian woman investigates Mendez's murder.

Argentina after the revolt-what next?

13 April 2002
EVERYONE IS wondering what will happen next in Argentina. It is a country where everybody is talking politics. Fifteen weeks ago a popular uprising overthrew the president, De la Rua. His successor was forced from office a week later. Since then the country has been run by a coalition of the two traditionally powerful parties, the Peronists and the Radicals. The coalition is presided over by the Peronist Duhalde. But this has not brought stability. Argentina has been hit by an economic crisis not experienced by any industrial country since the 1930s.

Marxist forums

06 April 2002
Meetings And Events

The Falklands War: what a bloody mad adventure

27 March 2002
Twenty years ago this week the Falklands War began. During 74 days of conflict 255 British servicemen and around 800 Argentinians were killed. Most of the Argentinian dead were young conscripts. Thousands were injured. Those who were there write of "the ballooned faces of badly burned men" and of the "screams in the night in the dormitories acting as refuges for the wounded". The suffering has continued since.

Argentina - half in poverty

02 March 2002
Protests continued in Argentina last week. These events mark the second month since the uprising which overthrew two governments. They did so as the International Monetary Fund refused to give aid to Argentina. The IMF claims the new budget proposed by the government of Eduardo Duhalde was not hard enough.

IMF demands more cuts

23 February 2002
A new wave of agitation has swept Argentina. It comes after the conversion of all bank accounts from dollars to the national currency, the peso, two weeks ago. Friday of last week saw demonstrations right across the country, with unemployed people looting supermarkets in the Cordoba province for food.

Surge in protests hits the cities

02 February 2002
The debates in Porto Alegre have been given added urgency by the unfolding crisis in nearby Argentina. Friday of last week saw a new eruption of mass protest, with clashes with police in the capital, Buenos Aires, and people attacking banks in some cities. The protests were organised by the neighbourhood assemblies that are springing up across the capital and other cities.


26 January 2002
A CENTRAL London meeting organised by Globalise Resistance last week saw some 150 people attend a discussion on the crisis in Argentina.

Argentinian protest

19 January 2002
SOME 150 people joined a lively and noisy protest outside the London offices of the World Bank last Saturday in solidarity with the uprising in Argentina. Interest payments on the country's $140 billion debt are a key factor behind the crisis gripping Argentina.

Protests erupt again

19 January 2002
HUGE DEMONSTRATIONS swept Argentina again at the end of last week. People swarmed onto the streets of Buenos Aires after the new government of President Duhalde tightened the restrictions imposed by the previous president, De la Rua, on people getting money from their bank accounts.

'Millions came to realise how intolerable their economic and social existence was'

12 January 2002
THE UPRISING in Argentina shows that revolution is still possible in the modern world. It has shown mass action from below can topple governments and inflict a defeat on big business policies.

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