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A showcase cracks open

12 January 2002
ARGENTINA IS the sharp end of the global economic crisis. The social and political explosion there should not be dismissed as the kind of turbulence typical of obscure parts of the Third World.

The two sides in the battle

05 January 2002
ARGENTINA'S CAPITALIST class is split down the middle on how to deal with the economic impact of the crisis that has brought dire poverty to millions across Argentina. The capitalists know this crisis is behind the uprising that toppled two presidents.

Uprising that toppled rulers

05 January 2002
A SPONTANEOUS uprising. That was what followed when demonstrators took to the streets of Argentina five days before Christmas. At least 23 people were killed in a vain attempt to break up the demonstrations. But the hated economics minister, Domingo Cavallo, and the president, De la Rua, were forced to resign.

Economic storm hits Argentina

15 December 2001
"Nobody knows if they will have a job tomorrow or when they will be paid. People are almost paralysed by fear." This was what an Argentinian psychologist told journalists last weekend. No wonder. Argentina, an industrial country that once boasted a living standard as high as that of Italy, has been hit by an economic crisis.

In every continent... Rage against the system

04 December 1999
RIGHT ACROSS the world people protested against capitalism this week. Their target was the World Trade Organisation. Tens of thousands marching in Seattle were attacked by police. Across France tens of thousands joined marches like the one shown here in Paris. In London and other cities across Britain people staged protests. Similar protests took place from Brazil to Bangladesh, from Argentina to Australia.

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