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Australian wildfires - winds fan the flames that surround Sydney

12 November 2019
Thousands of people in Australia have seen their lives, homes and livelihoods threatened as catastrophic fires ripped through the country.

Boris Johnson threatens migrants in a bid to win racist Tory votes

27 June 2019
Boris Johnson is ramping up attacks on migrants in an effort to cement support from the racist Tories who are choosing the next prime minister.

Tory climate deniers on the way out in Australia

13 May 2019
Australia’s Liberal (Tory) government faces defeat in elections on 18 May as the Labor Party tacks to the left. Over six years and three separate prime ministers, the Tories have waged war on unions and working class people.

Australia’s PM toppled as Tory government gets desperate

25 August 2018
The Tories are tearing themselves apart in the face of a looming wipeout at the next general election. But they are likely to move even further right.

Australia’s vote for marriage equality is a victory, but not the end

17 November 2017
Australians have voted overwhelmingly in favour of legalising marriage equality, sparking off celebration rallies of thousands around the country.

Chasing Asylum film smuggles out the message from Australia's offshore camps

18 October 2016
This harrowing but powerful film to be shown on BBC Four next week exposes the human impact of the Australian government’s cruelty to refugees.

Australian protests for refugee rights grow

30 August 2016
Thousands protest as opposition to refugee detention surges, reports James Supple in Sydney

Protests as refugees in Calais face new attack - all out for 19 March demos

23 February 2016
French courts were deciding whether to bulldoze the temporary homes of around 3,000 refugees in Calais as Socialist Worker went to press.

Anger at Pacific island camps grows in Australia

16 February 2016
Australia has seen an explosion of grassroots action in support of refugees. It comes as the government tries to remove 267 asylum seekers to detention centres on the remote Pacific islands of Manus and Nauru.

Australian government secretly removed pregnant refugee to Pacific island

20 October 2015
A pregnant Somali refugee was secretly flown back by the Australian government to the offshore detention centre where she was raped. 

It’s business as usual as party coup ousts Abbott

22 September 2015
Workers face more cuts and attacks as Australia’s new prime minister looks to appease the rich, writes James Supple

Fighting three kinds of racism in Australia

21 April 2015
In the face of dire poll ratings, Australia’s right wing prime minister Tony Abbott is resorting to an Islamophobic terror scare.

Airline passengers in Australia halt deportation of Chinese asylum seeker

06 January 2015
The forced deportation of asylum seeker Wei Lin was halted by passengers on a commercial airline in Sydney, Australia, on 19 December. 

Raw anger at Tory budget cuts hits Australia

20 May 2014
The first budget of Australia’s new Tory government has produced widespread outrage and anger. Tens of thousands hit the streets last weekend, with 15,000 joining Sydney’s March in May and up to 25,000 at four days’ notice in Melbourne at a rally to “bust the budget”.

Large protests declare no confidence in Australian government

18 March 2014
As many as 100,000 people across Australia joined “March in March” protests last weekend, delivering a “vote of no confidence” in the new conservative government. 

International round-up

25 February 2014
Briefs on Syria, Australia and France

Cops attack refugees in Australian offshore detention camp

18 February 2014
Armed police and locals with machetes, pipes, sticks and stones have attacked asylum seekers in Australia’s offshore detention centre on Manus Island, Papua New Guinea (PNG).

Refugee hunger strike in Australia’s brutal Christmas Island detention centre

21 January 2014
A major protest has erupted inside the Christmas Island immigration detention centre. The Australian government controls the tiny island over 300 miles off the coast of Indonesia.

Utopia: The brutal theft of a continent goes on in Australia

12 November 2013
Paddy Gibson says the recently elected Tory Australian government will only tighten the oppression of Aboriginal people

Australia show scratches the surface of rich art history

01 October 2013
A Royal Academy exhibition is a rare opportunity to see leading Australian artists, but it wastes the chance to explore Aboriginal art, says John Baker

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